5 Celebrities Who Love SoulCycle/Spinning Class

SoulCycle and other spinning classes offer a unique cardiovascular and muscular workout to improve general fitness and form. These 5 celebrities all say they love to hit up their local class to stay in shape and even find it a fun way to workout because they can listen to the music and invite some friends along to join in on the fun.

Allison Williams


Allison mixes spinning class with a pilates workout: “I do two different things. For cardio I do SoulCycle. I really don’t like to run, plus I have terrible knees and get bored on the elliptical. SoulCycle is basically a dance party on a bicycle, and you burn calories and it’s so fun. Then I also do Core Fusion at Exhale Spa locations. It mixes together Pilates and barre method.”

David Beckham

David enjoys SoulCycle and uses it to stay in shape now that he has retired: “I’m at SoulCycle a lot. Yup, I’m very obsessed. It’s a workout that I love. It’s a workout I enjoy and to be honest since I finished playing there aren’t too many workouts that I do enjoy. So when you find one, you stick with it.”

Karlie Kloss

Karlie likes to do different workouts to keep it interesting and includes SoulCycle: “I love being really active, too. I’m a big fan of Pilates and isolated exercises that focus on different muscle groups. I do SoulCycle as well; I like to mix it up and challenge my body, especially those underworked muscles. I think the key to staying healthy and strong is to take care of yourself with exercise.”

Kate Hudson

Kate likes that her friends can come along: “I love SoulCycle – that’s a way to do something active with my friends. You don’t feel like you’re doing cardio when you’re with your friends.”

Olivia Wilde

Olivia loves how fun it is as a workout: “I love SoulCycle. It’s really fun. … I’ve been spinning for over 10 years. I just really like it, and it works for my body type. I’m a much better cyclist than runner. I think that’s just the way I’m built. I really love loud music, and the greatest thing about SoulCycle is the music. It’s really inspiring. It also incorporates weights, so you’re getting an upper body workout as well. It’s just 45 minutes of pushing yourself to the limit, and if you’re busy like all of us, it’s great to be able to just ream yourself out and then go on with your day.”