Top Guns in Valorant: A Tier List for Peak Performance

Choosing the right weapon can spell the difference between victory and defeat in Valorant. But with a diverse arsenal at your disposal, it can be tough to know which gun to buy. That’s where this Valorant gun tier list comes in!

Valorant Gun Tier List

Tier Gun
S Vandal, Phantom, Operator
A Outlaw, Specter, Sheriff, Ghost
B Guardian, Marshal, Odin
C Bulldog, Ares, Judge, Classic, Stinger
D Bucky, Frenzy, Shorty

The Kings and Queens of the Battlefield


This versatile rifle reigns supreme, rewarding precise aim with one-shot headshots at any range (just like the Operator, but significantly cheaper!). Mastering its recoil takes practice, but the Vandal’s raw power makes it a must-have in most buy rounds.


Valorant gun tier list

Slightly less lethal than the Vandal, the Phantom compensates with a blazing fire rate, larger magazine, and easier recoil control. Ideal for shredding enemies in close-mid range encounters, it’s perfect for beginners and spray-and-pray enthusiasts alike.


The undisputed king of long-range dominance, the Operator guarantees kills with body shots. Its high cost demands confident sniping skills, but in the right hands, it can lock down entire sites and turn the tide of a match.


Episode 8 Act 1’s new star, the Outlaw, packs a punch at 2400 Creds. Its two-shot burst and non-scoping zoom let you quickly eliminate enemies with headshots or well-placed body shots, making it a budget-friendly powerhouse in early rounds.


This SMG kingpin boasts an impressive fire rate and a magazine that never seems to empty. When Creds are tight, the Spectre is your go-to option for close-range dominance. Just remember, its damage falls off at longer distances, so tap-firing is key.

Remember, the best gun is the one you can use effectively. This tier list serves as a guide, but ultimately, mastering your aim and understanding the game’s dynamics will take you further than any weapon ever could. So pick up your favorite gun, hit the range, and start practicing! With the right gun and the right tactics, you’ll be dominating Valorant gunfights in no time!