Valorant Patch 8.0 Agent Tier List & Patch Notes

The battle for Valorant’s top spot continues to rage in Patch 8.0, with several Agents vying for dominance. But who reigns supreme? This tier list will guide you through the current meta, from the unstoppable titans to the rising stars.

Valorant Patch 8.0 Agent Tier List

S-Tier Raze, Viper, Skye
A-Tier Killjoy, Omen, Jett, Sova, Cypher, Brimstone, Fade
B-Tier Reyna, Iso, Chamber, Breach, Gekko, Harbor
C-Tier Yoru, Neon, Astra, Sage, Deadlock
D-Tier KAY/O, Phoenix

At the top of the food chain, a familiar triumvirate holds dominion: Raze, Viper, and Skye. After dethroning Jett in Episode 7, Raze solidifies her reign as the Queen of Duelists, her explosive fury unmatched. Viper remains the undisputed Controller champion, her toxic clouds suffocating any hope of attack. Finally, Skye’s invaluable scouting and healing make her the Initiator extraordinaire, painting a clear picture of the battlefield for her team.

While dethroned from the S-Tier throne, Jett is far from out of the game. Despite Episode 7 nerfs, her agility and precision aim still keep her within striking distance of the top tier. Killjoy, however, experiences a bittersweet fall from grace. Joining them in this mid-tier pantheon are established stalwarts like Omen, Sova, Cypher, and Brimstone, each offering unique tools to control the map and secure frags. Newcomer Fade also shines here, her fearsome trails wreaking havoc on enemy formations.

Valorant Patch Notes 8.0

Map Changes Shake Up Icebox and Lotus

Icebox has received some significant changes to its B Main area. The hanging container has been removed, opening up the space for more predictable fights. Additionally, the parallel pathing on B has been closed, and a new window has been added on the Kitchen side of Tube, giving defenders more control over Mid.

Image via Riot Games

Lotus has also seen some adjustments, with the A Main area being opened up to provide defenders with more angles. The A Hut has been closed off, but a new cubby has been added for defenders. C Site has been given more space for planting the Spike, and the rotating doors now take longer to fully rotate.

Killjoy’s Turret Gets Clipped

The dreaded Killjoy turret has finally been toned down in Patch 8.0. Its vision radius has been drastically reduced from 180 degrees to 100 degrees, making it much easier for enemies to flank or avoid it. Additionally, a visual “vision cone” will now show on the minimap when placing the turret, giving enemies a heads-up on its location.

While the turret is still a powerful tool, these nerfs should make it less oppressive and more balanced. Killjoy players will need to be more strategic with their turret placement and rely more on their other abilities to be effective.

Deadlock Gets a Power Boost

Deadlock, the agent who’s been languishing at the bottom of the pick rate charts, has finally received some much-needed buffs in Patch 8.0. Her Sonic Sensor is now recallable during a round, allowing for more flexibility and strategic placement. The pickup distance has also been increased significantly, and the concuss time has been halved, making it a more potent tool for disrupting enemies.

Valorant Patch 8.0 Agent Tier List
Image via Riot Games

The Barrier Mesh has also been buffed, with the wall length increased from 6m to 10m. This gives Deadlock more options for creating choke points and controlling areas, making her a more viable pick for both defense and offense.

Premier Gets Promoted

The Premier mode has received some new features and quality-of-life improvements. Team owners can now designate a Team Captain, who can manage the team roster. Standings for other divisions and previous stages can be viewed, and players can see their seeding before their first match.

Other Additions and Tweaks

  • All modes except Team Deathmatch will now use the current competitive map pool rotation.
  • The Outlaw has been added to the weapons arsenal.
  • The gun buddy carousel has been fixed.
  • VALORANT will now support third-party spatialization software for headphones.
  • A Raw Input Buffer bug has been fixed.

Overall, Patch 8.0 brings some welcome changes to VALORANT, shaking up the meta and making the game more balanced and enjoyable for everyone.