Valorant 2024 PBE Schedule Revealed!

Valorant players, eager to peek behind the curtain at the game’s upcoming surprises? Look no further than the Public Beta Environment (PBE)! Here’s your guide to navigating the 2024 PBE schedule and experiencing new content ahead of the curve.

Valorant 2024 PBE Schedule Revealed!

The year kicked off with a January 5th PBE session, showcasing the exciting changes in Episode 8 Act 1. It even unveiled Valorant’s first new weapon, the Outlaw, for enthusiastic testing. But that’s just the beginning! Mark your calendars for these upcoming PBE dates:

  • Patch Update 8.02: Friday, January 26, 2024
  • Patch Update 8.03: Friday, February 9, 2024

Heads up, Valorant fans – there’s no scheduled PBE for patch 8.01. And while this isn’t the complete 2024 roadmap, Riot promises to divulge future PBE dates later. Buckle up

What to Expect in Upcoming Patches?

The future of Valorant is tantalizingly unclear, but one thing’s for sure – Riot always has exciting surprises in store. While specifics remain under wraps, it’s worth noting that the VALORANT Champions Tour Challengers begin this month in select regions. This suggests patch 8.03 might be the last before the four VALORANT Champions Tour Leagues unleash their competitive fury in February.

Image via Riot Games

Remember, PBE access is currently limited to North American players. If you qualify, jump in and contribute your valuable feedback! It’s a unique opportunity to influence Valorant’s development and be among the first to experience its innovative additions.

So, Valorant enthusiasts, get ready to delve into the PBE and be a part of shaping the game’s future. Exciting times lie ahead, and with each patch, the evolution of Valorant unfolds before your eyes. Keep your eyes peeled for more PBE dates and join the testing fray!