The owner of the NY Mets believes Carlos Correa will be resolved soon. Considering 3 possible scenarios

Steven Cohen, the owner of the New York Mets, expects the ongoing negotiations with Carlos Correa to be resolved soon.

The New York Mets and Carlos Correa have yet to reach an agreement on new terms

Mets - Correa

In the two weeks since the Mets’ deal was put on hold, they and Carlos Correa’s representatives have tried in vain to reach an agreement. According to reports, the player has begun to hear other offers in the last week, and the Mets are becoming frustrated and may walk away entirely.

New York general manager Steve Cohen told Mets YouTuber Tyler Ward on Saturday: “While I can’t speak on the player, I do believe we’ll have a resolution soon one way or the other.”

Keeping Cohen’s predictions in mind, here are the three most likely outcomes of the ongoing New York Mets-Carlos Correa saga.

The Mets and Carlos Correa have agreed to a high-priced short-term contract

The team and All-Star could opt out of the 12-year contract in favor of a shorter deal that provides less long-term security but allows Correa to pursue another massive contract in a few years.

A potential contract could be for six seasons or less, with the New York Mets increasing the rate from $26 million per season — which Correa would have earned under the original deal — to anywhere between $32-$34 million per season. For instance, a six-year agreement worth $192-$204 million.

In exchange for Correa, the New York Mets receive an exclusion clause

The deal with the Mets and the 28-year-old shortstop could fall through, but those in the know believe something will be done. One recently proposed and plausible scenario would be to add an exclusion clause to the current agreement.

With such a clause, New York could protect itself in the long run by including an addendum that covers future injuries to Correa’s ankle. That is, if he is placed on the injured list for an extended period of time due to the joint, the Mets may receive some of their money back or gain an offseason option if he misses a certain number of games.

Carlos Correa has re-signed with the Minnesota Twins

One final possibility is that both parties back out of the deal and Carlos Correa returns to the Minnesota Twins. According to reports in recent weeks, the team is still very interested in re-signing him. The Twins, more than any other team, are aware of the star’s ankle’s short and long-term prognosis. If they remain interested, a return to Minnesota makes the most sense for both parties.

After both the Giants and the Mets balked at a deal for double-digit seasons, many other teams may tread carefully in their negotiations. This can benefit the Twins because they can sign Correa to a new contract without the opt-out clauses that were included in the contract he signed with the organization the previous offseason.