Taylor Swift Reveals Her Best Christmas Gift Ever


Taylor Swift can buy herself anything she wants – so what do you get the girl with millions already tucked away in her bank account? Something with real sentimental value of course. Speaking on her best gift ever, the singer reveals that it came from her father. He tracked down the man who taught her to play her first bit of guitar and bought the instrument from him as a gift. Taylor told the story behind the present:

The (best gift I ever received was) guitar I learned to play on. It belonged to the guy who fixed my computer – he taught me a few chords on it when I was 12. Years later my dad tracked him down and bought it. It was such a touching gift.”

To repay her father and his thoughtful gift, Taylor decided to surprise the family with a winter holiday. She took everyone to her dad’s hometown and they got to spend several days exploring the surroundings and being together as a family – she especially enjoyed the time they had together on the beach during their stay:

“I gave my family a surprise trip to the seashore town where my dad grew up. We spent a few days just exploring, walking on the wintry beach and spending time as a family.”