Taylor Swift’s 20 Favourite Hairstyles, Hair Colors and Cuts

Taylor swift is a pop icon that is always blowing us away with her stylish new hair and makeup trends.

Taylor Swift’s hair has gone through several different looks throughout the years. Take a look at your self in a Taylor Swift cut. Simple “How to style” advice is provided, and you’ll also be informed as to which hairdos work best with your particular features and hair characteristics.

List 20 of Taylor Swift’s favorite hairstyles

  • Long curly light caramel brunette braided updo hairstyle
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This chic updo is perfect for any event; the light brown locks are braided through the crown, pulled back, and fastened to the head. This hairstyle is fantastic for many different types of hair and will require some time to achieve.

  • Long straight dark golden blonde braided updo hairstyle with blunt cut bangs
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Taylor Swift, who is both attractive and talented, sports an updo with a Grecian influence.

Taylor’s trendy hairstyle was achieved by braiding and then wrapping her hair around her head in a headband fashion. Her long, dramatic fringe really brings off her beautiful blue eyes.

Whether your face is oval, oblong, or diamond, you should try this one.

  • Long straight updo hairstyle with blunt cut bangs
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The ash blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail without the use of bangs, which would otherwise frame the face. This low-key do is perfect for everyday wear and simple to replicate at home.

  • Medium wavy hairstyle
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This stunning do is perfect for a long face because the waves throughout the hair provide a timeless look and feel.

This elegant hairstyle requires only hot rollers and some shine and hold cream to recreate. Shine and hold can be achieved with the right styling product, and shape can be preserved with routine cuts.

  • Long straight hairstyle with side swept bangs
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Taylor Swift always manages to look amazing no matter what, but this haircut makes her look lifeless.

Her slicked-back bangs and brassy sandy blonde hair color are a bad combination.

In addition to the lack of Taylor’s signature elegant locks, her hair texture here appears over-processed and ‘puffy. This style isn’t bad, but it’s not in keeping with Taylor’s usual perfect ashy blond clean cuts.

  • Long straight dark golden blonde hairstyle with layered bangs
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This haircut aims for a laid-back, contemporary look. These golden blonde locks are cut into choppy layers through the back and sides, and are allowed loose to cascade over the shoulders.

The top of the face is framed by the sleeked-back bangs, which also serve to round off the excellent new style. To add shine and hold, you need to use a product.

  • Medium wavy dark copper blonde hairstyle with blunt cut bangs
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This laid-back style is characterized by jaggedly trimmed ends that are left free to fall on the shoulders, showcasing the gentle wave pattern that runs across the sides and back of the hair.

Hold and shine may be achieved with minimal product, and split ends can be avoided with regular trims.

  • Medium wavy dark copper blonde hairstyle with side swept bangs
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This blonde hair has been styled with soft waves from the mid-lengths to the ends to provide bounce and movement. The bangs are swept to one side, which highlights the face and is a great finishing touch.

This is a great hairstyle for any event, and it especially flatters those with long faces. To maintain this look, you’ll need to use the product.

  • Medium wavy ash hairstyle with side swept bangs
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Taylor’s hair is a shoulder-length bob with a side-swept fringe, and the style is relaxed and retro.

This timeless look is best suited to complement a long face and is achieved by styling medium-length hair in soft waves through the back and sides and smoothing out and sweeping the bangs to one side.

  • Medium straight dark golden blonde hairstyle with side swept bangs
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Her oval face and honey blonde hair are a stunning combination.

This short, gorgeous style begins as a medium-length cut that has been layered through the front and sides before being blown out smooth. This is a great hairstyle for long faces since the top is parted on the side and brushed across the face.

To keep the style you’ve achieved, you’ll need to use a product that adds shine and hold, in addition to getting regular trims.

  • Medium straight dark blonde hairstyle with side swept bangs
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Taylor’s bob is still shoulder length, but she’s going for a throwback look with her one-shoulder dress and short hair.

The bangs are smoothed across the forehead and the ends are flipped under to create this lovely medium-length ‘do. This cut works best on those with fine to medium hair and a long face because of the way it frames the face.

  • Medium straight ash blonde hairstyle
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Taylor Swift and other blondes with medium skin tones and light eyes look great in warm, soft colors like bronze, apricot, and gold.

This edgy look is achieved by leaving the hair medium-length all over and rough drying it in long layers that frame the face.

The overall look is finished off by the jaggedly cut bangs that are swept across the forehead to soften the face.

  • Medium straight dark ash blonde updo hairstyle with side swept bangs
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Taylor Swift’s medium length hair is showcased here with a lovely side-swept fringe.

If your hair naturally has some wave or curl to it, this fringe style will complement your hair and face well. This variation of the fringe works well with both long and short hair and is recommended for women who prefer to cover their foreheads but not have full bangs.

  • Medium wavy caramel blonde hairstyle with blunt cut bangs
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Taylor, who previously sported a short, retro-inspired wavy cut, has recently switched to a shaggier ’70s look.

Taylor’s oval face shape is a perfect match for this hairstyle, but it also works nicely with oblong, square, and diamond shapes.

The bangs on this medium-length cut are smoothed down to frame the top of the face and finish off the style beautifully, while the sides and back are styled in soft waves for movement and bounce.

  • Long straight ash blonde hairstyle with side swept bangs
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The blonde hair is combed back, twisted, and pinned at the nape to create a seductive updo. The bangs are expertly combed across the forehead to frame the face and round out the look.

  • Medium straight dark blonde bob haircut with blunt cut bangs
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Taylor Swift’s beautiful new pageboy bob style complements her natural hair texture and flattering features.

The attention is immediately drawn to the wearer’s face in this classic pageboy bob. If your hair is straight, try this style! This is a straightforward look that doesn’t require a ton of time or supplies to replicate at home.

  • Short straight light platinum blonde bob haircut with side swept bangs
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This hairstyle is ideal for any event due to its flattering form for oval faces. The volume and motion of this bob come from the waves that run all the way down the back and sides. Curling hair requires a styling product, and frequent cuts are essential to keeping it looking and feeling healthy.

  • Medium wavy blonde updo hairstyle with side swept bangs
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This elegant updo for formal occasions has Taylor Swift’s medium length hair pulled back, coiled, and pinned at the nape of the neck.

Taylor’s fringe is a component of the look; she’s swept it to the side and given it a little wave so it blends in perfectly.

  • Long wavy blonde hairstyle with blunt cut bangs
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This style works particularly well for those who already have a wave to their hair or who reside in a coastal area.

The hairstyle is given volume and form by the use of layers cut into the sides and back. This haircut is great for creating the appearance of beachy waves without the time-consuming process of actually doing so, thanks to the use of layers.

  • Medium wavy brunette hairstyle with side swept bangs and blonde highlights
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Her bangs are cut to fall quickly to the side and frame her forehead beautifully. This hairstyle has great texture thanks to the waves, which also add volume and bounce.

To keep your hair looking healthy and in shape, you’ll need to cut it once every 6 weeks or so.