Lando Norris makes fun of Margot Robbie as rumors of a romance between Fernando Alonso and Taylor Swift go viral around the world

Lando Norris makes fun of Margot Robbie as rumors of a romance between Fernando Alonso and Taylor Swift go viral around the world

As a cheeky response to rumors that he is dating Taylor Swift, Fernando Alonso has posted a TikTok video featuring Swift’s music.

F1 driver Fernando Alonso tackles allegations that he is dating Taylor Swift in a humorous TikTok video

Two-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton was the subject of a strange rumor on a celebrity gossip Instagram page: that he was dating pop superstar Taylor Swift.

The romance that has captivated the motorsports world is unfolding, and Fernando Alonso is having a blast.

Although they are both newly single, rumors have been circulating that the two have been seen together in Spain.

Since then, the rumor has spread as their respective fanbases look for signs of romantic involvement.

And since joining Aston Martin, Alonso has become a social media guru, so he made sure to increase his TikTok fan base.

Fernando posted a video to TikTok in which he casually browsed his phone while Taylor Swift’s hit song Karma played in the background, seemingly alluding to the rumors.

Fans went absolutely crazy after he looked up, winked at the camera, and addressed the rumors in a cryptic way.

Fernando referenced Taylor’s current tour, named Eras, in the post’s caption by writing “Race week era.”

A comment by Fernando, “Feeling 33,” in response to a post about Taylor Swift’s new single “22,” further fueled the rumors that the two were dating.

Taylor is also 33, but Fernando — who recently broke up with fiancée Andrea Schlager — was referring to his desire to win his 33rd Formula One race.

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Fans went crazy once he posted something new, with some assuming it meant he was dating Taylor and others responding with hilarious comments set to Taylor’s music.

Someone wrote, “Oh my god, Taylor X Fernando confirmed???”

Someone another said, “Fernando please confirm or deny, was mastermind written about you,” referring to a hit song from Taylor Swift’s most recent album, Midnights.

Formula 1’s TikTok page made a joke about Taylor Swift‘s 2014 hit song, “Never did we think in our Wildest Dreams this would happen,” and then went on to quote the song.

Another witty author said, “Ohhhh Fernando knows ALL TOO WELL what he’s doing.”

However, one of his rivals has put a damper on the story by pointing out that McLaren’s British star Lando Norris is just as funny as ever.

During a Twitch stream, he was asked if the rumor was genuine, and he responded, “No. Also, there’s Margot Robbie and me.

“Yeah, we’ve been e-mailing back and forth for a while.

After being informed that the Australian actress is already married, Norris says,“Yeah but you know it’s like an off the books kind of thing.”

Despite Norris’ best attempts, rumors about Alonso and Swift continued to spread, even reaching NASCAR in the United States.

When asked about the rumors over the weekend, star driver Bubba Wallace gave a completely bewildered expression in interviews.

As in, “What?!” he exclaimed in shock. “Good for him. Damn. And good for her.”