Taylor Swift Tries Not to Read Internet Gossip About Herself

Taylor Swift has admitted that she tries to avoid stories about herself on the internet because she thinks that if you start to read all of the gossip posted online, you’ll start to constantly worry about what people think of you. Her friends usually laugh at her but whenever she sees a story about herself she immediately leaves the site she’s browsing so she doesn’t have to see it:

”I try not to read anything about myself. My friends make fun of me because if I see my name somewhere, I just click off of it. If you read too many things about yourself that are just a little bit incorrect, you start obsessing over what people think about you. I really have no idea what the general perception is about me right now.”

Taylor also reveals that she loves to bake, and finds spending time in the kitchen very relaxing because she feels like she can forget about her career for a while and concentrate on creating something delicious – she has big plans for Fall and intends to gift her friends with some baked goods:

”There’s something really calming about having everything measured out, and stirring, and preheating the oven. Fall is about to happen, and it’s about to be baking overdrive. There’s going to be pumpkin bread that I’ll be making a lot of and giving to people.”