Taylor Swift Opens Up on First Love and Cooking for Emma Stone

Taylor Swift has spoken on her relationship with actress Emma Stone, who she calls her best friend. Taylor says she loves to cook for Emma, while Emma returns the favour by baking her treats. Although she doesn’t often get to spend time with friends, she says she really cherishes any time she gets with them:

”I cook and Emma bakes. Those are our specialties. We just talk about our lives. That’s how I feel when I’m with friends that I’ve had for years. Those are the people that I can just rant to. These are the people who know me the best. It’s crazy with all of my friends having such busy schedules and me always being gone. When you do see your friends, you value the time with them.”

Taylor has also opened up on her first love. She says she wasn’t deeply in love with the guy in question, and believes that there is such thing as a deeper kind of love to the first kind she experienced:

”I dated a guy in high school for a while and I think that was, in a way, first love-ish. But then there’s the first time that you love someone more than you’ve ever loved anything, ever. That’s a different thing.”

Always a romantic, Taylor says that each relationship feels like a new first love, because it always feels so intense and deep when its happening, which is what makes love so special:

”Then there’s the time after that where you feel like you’ve loved a man more than anyone you ever loved in your life and that must be your first love because that must be the only time you’ve ever felt that kind of love. I think your life is full of first loves because every time you love someone new, you love them in a different way.”