Robert Pattinson Worries About His Looks & Getting Wrinkles!


27-year-old Robert Pattinson is still in the early stages of his career, but even he says he worries about getting wrinkles and he believes his time in the spotlight has made him increasingly paranoid about his appearance. He admits that when he started out, he never thought about his looks but now that he’s begun to see how much scrutiny he faces regarding his appearance, he feels that he always has to be at his best:

‘It depends, sometimes. But I’m weird about my looks. Once you get photographed a lot it changes you. I remember when I first did ‘Twilight’ I didn’t care about how I looked – there was less pressure, I guess. I was like, ‘I’m cool as s**t!’ [Now] every time I appear somewhere, I think, ‘I don’t know how many more times I can do this.’ Dressing up to go somewhere and be looked at – I get so nervous. Up until the second I have to leave, I’ll get changed a million times. It’s crazy. Literally, just before I go, I look in the mirror and think, ‘You look like s**t.’ I start worrying about wrinkles.”

Robert says that those who work with him know what he goes through because they often have to watch as he panics about his outfits and worries about his looks, especially just before big red carpet events:

 ”Honestly, everyone who works with me knows they’ll have to sit there and wait for me to go through my process of having my panic attack about how I look.”