5 Stars Speak on Their Difficult Teenage Years

Teenage years are rarely easy for anyone to go through and these 5 stars have opened up on the different difficulties they encountered as they became adults. Some were already on the road to fame and were also having to deal with the spotlight, while others had personal struggles as they went through those important years. Here is what they’ve said on reflection.



Bono revealed that he decided to seek help when he was a teen and turned to music: “When I was an angry teenager I was sent to see somebody. I must have bored them after a few weeks because they were like, ‘Ah, you are fine, get out of here’. Music has always been my therapy and, in a band, people are so close that you can’t really hide anything from each other.”

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel admits he made mistakes as a teenager: “My mistakes were not allowed to go unnoticed, certainly. There were plenty of times during my teenage years where I screwed up, and thankfully most of it didn’t come to the wider world but some of it did.”

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly became addicted to drugs and was a mess: “You know, I spent most of my teenage years messed up and miserable. And I had one of two options: die or sort myself out. I chose to sort myself out.”

Robert Pattinson

Robert felt confused during his teenage years: “I don’t think I was that angry as a teenager, although I will confess to being confused and frustrated. I suppose I could be a bit of a pain at times. I think it takes time to find one’s identity and define one’s ambitions in life. Then you grow bored with being disillusioned and alienated and now I’m trying to enjoy things more.”

Suki Waterhouse

Suki says she was angry: ”I was a very angry teenager, that’s why when it came along it was like, ‘Yes! I can go and work and make money and get out of my house and be in the adult world, which is what I so desperately wanted to do. It was perfect at that point. I’m just going to do some mad stuff. It’s about living and being my age. That’s what success is.”