5 Celebrities Speak on How Fame Changes People

Does becoming famous really change people? These 5 celebrities have all discussed how they feel about fame and how it impacts people’s lives and personalities too. Having gone through that big change themselves, these stars know what it’s like to find themselves in the spotlight and have spoken on if they feel they have changed or if they’ve noticed how other celebs have evolved too.

Jennifer Garner


Jennifer says that some people do change and others remain the same: “I don’t know. I don’t know that it does. I’ve lived in LA a long time and I know a lot of really incredible, down-to-earth people. I think a few people are kind of more into the idea of fame or whatever, but they were like that when they were kids, I’m sure. You kind of go into it and you–I don’t know. I don’t see people changing in some huge way. You are who you are.”