Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Have a Six-Pack, Says He’s Below Standard


If you’ve watched any of the ‘Twilight’ films, you would have noticed the ridiculous airbrushed abs they drew on to Robert Pattinson’s torso. Yep, he doesn’t have a six-pack and he isn’t hiding it with bad makeup anymore either. The actor thinks he’s below the Hollywood standard because of his lack of ab muscles and says he does hope to change that for an upcoming role in which there are several “intimate” scenes.  He said about his body:

 “I think I don’t get some jobs because I don’t go to the gym. I am literally the only actor in LA who doesn’t have a six-pack. Although I am going to have to change that.”

Rob admits that he’ll try to beef himself up for his next part because he’ll be semi-nude (or fully?) and wants to look his best, thus he plans to hit the gym. Unlikely that he’ll end up like Taylor Lautner by the end, but you can’t knock a dude for trying:

 “In my next film I have like three intimate scenes so I am literally thinking of those to get in shape… I don’t ever want anyone to see me doing exercise. Even though I am doing it, I still think it’s so lame and embarrassing; I am doing it out of necessity, that’s all.”

Robert also says the whole Hollywood scene isn’t really for him:

“It’s not really me so I have never really felt attached to it. It’s an amazing job, especially if you don’t let yourself go crazy, but there are loads of jobs that make you go crazy… I am very anti-paparazzi, but I guess you kind of get used to the thing. In fact I just started getting better at hiding,” he adds. “As soon as you figure out a way to live where people don’t follow you around, stress levels go down.”