Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Spirits Tier List (March 2023)

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Spirits Tier List

Use the Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Tier List to select the most valuable spirits and optimize your character’s performance.

Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG Spirits Tier List (March 2023)

The spirits in the game are divided into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B).

Tier Spirits
Strong (S) Athena, Flame knight commander Ignis, God of Fire Phoenix, Priest of the Waves Dione
Good (A) Batgirl of the Flash Luna, Jegal-hyeon, Madness Sekhmet
Average (B) Frost Fox Miho, Green Dear Syniam, Windfury Wolverine

Best Meta Spirits for Pixel Fantasia: Idle RPG (March 2023)

Earth Spirits

Jegal-Hyeon is the top Earth-class spirit that players can experience in the game, and he employs natural elements to quickly defeat enemies. Below are some of the special attacks used by him.

  • Divina Vajrapani: This attack boosts armor penetration rate by 10.30% for a duration of 15 seconds.
  • Eight Diagram: This attack releases a potent formula with the force of nature in a broad range to strike up to 15 enemies with 5000% damage for 15 times.
  • Yellow Dragon: This attack involves summoning a yellow dragon that can strike up to 10 enemies for 1750% damage over 8 attacks. Additionally, the enemies’ attack speed will be reduced by 100% for 5 seconds.

Fire Spirits

The Flame Knight Commander Ignis is considered the strongest Fire class spirit in the game. This character has the ability to harness the power of fire, transforming it into a powerful blaze that can be used against enemies. Ignis then attacks enemies with three different types of attack:

  • Phoenix Rune: The attack is capable of hitting up to 12 enemies within a wide area and carries the potency of a phoenix. It inflicts a damage of 1166%, which is nine times greater than the usual damage.
  • Red Sword Style: This attack  unleashes a massive fiery sword that strikes up to 14 targets, dealing 285% damage 7 times.
  • Meteor Strike: This attack hits a maximum of six enemies with a flame sword pointed in front, causing 1500% damage three times.

Mage Spirits

Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, is regarded as the top magician among the spirits available. With her vast repertoire of magic, she effectively defeats enemies in a formidable manner. Listed below are the top attacks employed by Athena during battles.

  • War Blessing – This attack boosts the critical attack potency by 51.25% for a duration of 10 seconds.
  • Judgement Day – This special attack uses a sword to deal 800% damage 5 times to up to 9 enemies in a wide area.
  • Blinding Light – This attack creates a pillar of light in a large area by using some of your power to hit up to 12 enemies with 1500% damage 6 times. In addition, this attack immediately provokes enemies for 5 seconds.

Water Spirits

The most superior water-type spirit in the game is Dione, known as the Priest of the Waves. This character has exceptional abilities and has the unique feature of being able to gather groundwater during battles. Here are the primary attacks that Dione typically employs in between fights:

  • Waves of Life: This attack boost water affinity by 39.50% for a duration of 10 seconds.
  • Shark Wave: During this attack, a water shark attacks a specific region and causes 500% damage to 6 enemies, repeating the attack 6 times.
  • Strong Water Pillar: The spirit stores energy from water, and then releases it in a wide area to inflict 1850% of damage 7 times on up to 15 enemies.

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