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Age of Arena: Heroes Adventurer hero tier list (March 2023)

Age of Arena: Heroes Adventurer tier list

Master Age of Arena: Heroes Adventurer with our hero tier list for March 2023. Learn which heroes are the best to deploy in battles!

Age of Arena: Heroes Adventurer hero tier list (March 2023)

In this tier list, we divided all heroes in the game into four categories: SS (Overpowered), S (Strong), A (Good), and B (Average).

Overpowered (SS) Pangu, Lu Bu, Xiang Yu Helios, Hua, Mulan, Yian Zheng Arethusa, Metis, Nuwa Asura, Flora, Gilgamesh, Leia Aphrodite, Empyrean, Fairy Shennong
Strong (S) Gaia, Hyperion, Mars, Sans, Wenshtein Damo, Kukulkan, Lucifer, Michael, Poseidon Aurora, Asteria, Chione, Hastur, Icy, Logan, Luna, Zeus Asmodeus, Eridanus, Fortuna, Medusa, Sun, Vay, Wukong, Yasuo, Zion Apollo, Demeter, Freya, Meow Meow, Venus
Good (A) Anubis, Gloin, Minos, Thanatos, Velinda, Arachne, Baldr, Brunhilde, Odin Athena, Hestia, Lina Hades, Leto, Osiris Hel, Hera, Naaru, Nuan
Average (B) Brian, Jacques, Lion, Minotaur, Nemean, Neptune, Pontus, Sphinx Eris, Fiora, Ikes, Marcus, Maria, Sabine, Sabnok Angel, Isis, Leviathan, Sylph, Thetis Artemis Margarita, Sindragosa, Siren,

Best meta heroes for Age of Arena: Heroes Adventurer (March 2023)

We left SS Heroes off the list below because they are hard to get, but if you already have them, use these heroes.

Tank Heroes – Hyperion

Hyperion is ideal for this role because he has the ability to taunt, which means the enemy will attack Hyperion but take 10% less damage. Aside from that, he has the ability to attract enemies around him, making him perfect for use with AoE heroes.

Warrior – Lucifer

We recommend Lucifer for the Warrior role because he has a skill that restores his 50 energy points when he defeats enemies with his skills. This hero is ideal for dealing massive amounts of damage to a single target.

Mage – Asteria

The mage serves as an area or group damage dealer, dealing burst or explosion damage. Asteria is our recommendation for this. She can deal AoE damage and cast curses early, allowing her to debuff enemies.

Knight – Yasuo

The role of the Knight in this game is that of a continuous damage provider, also known as DPS. Yasuo is recommended here because he has skills that can deal area damage and cause dizziness, which means he can’t move independently, perform normal attacks, or use skills.

Support  – Demeter 

Support is a hero who heals or restores HP, buffs allies or debuffs enemies, and so on. Here, we recommend Demeter, who can provide large enough group healing, is very good, and can perform purification.

When you use these heroes, you will receive a bonus HP +4% and Attack +3% from 1 light HP, a bonus HP +10% and Attack +7% from 2 Darkness, and a bonus HP +7% and Attack +5% from 2 Air. However, keep in mind that the power of your Hero is solely determined by how effectively you use him in the game.

This brings us to the end of this Age of Arena: Heroes Adventurer hero tier list for March 2023.