Pics: Lindsay Lohan Accidentally Flashes Major Floppy Side Boob in Venice

Wearing a backless shirt is a kind of grey area regarding bras – if you wear one, it will be super visible and out there, but if you don’t, bad things can be exposed. Lindsay went for the latter option while shopping in Venice, California. Her white shirt is actually completely non-existent at the back, and relies on some clever tucking to stay in position. Lilo has tucked it in to her denim shorts, but still, a malfunction was always on the cards.

Puffin’ on a cig, Lilo bent gently to the side, which besides showing off a tattoo on the side of her back, also revealed a peek inside her loose shirt – floppy side boob galore. Maybe if your a flat chested supermodel, this might work, but Lindsay needs a bra. She needs several layers of underwire and any other structure she can stuff down her top to give her breasts the illusion of pertness. It’s not her fault that her boobs have gone with gravity, but there is a simple solution – bras aren’t that terrible, and they make things more normal looking. Other than the side boob fail, Lindsay actually looks pretty good, she just needs to remember that those fun-bags need some support.