15 Celebrities With Bad Skin

Bad skin is so often covered up with photoshop, layers of makeup and even sunglasses in the celeb world, but here is 15 celebrities who’ve been spotted with their spots on show – from acne to clogged pores, these celebrities are clearly having  a bad skin day – and need to detox stat. Too often do we see our favorite actors and singers with perfection flourishing from every corner. When we hear people say that celebrities have bad skin we often look in disbelief. However, we’re all human and blemishes and spots happen to the best of us

Victoria Beckham

Paris Hilton

Nicole Richie


Lindsay Lohan

Britney Spears

Kim Kardashian

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Clarkson

Jesse McCartney

Cameron Diaz

Amy Winehouse

Alicia Keys

Gwyneth Paltrow

Pete Doherty