Photo of the Day: Lindsay Lohan Smokes Without Makeup

This is Lindsay Lohan’s morning face and it’s not a very pretty sight. She kind of looks like she could have given birth to her mom Dina, who admittedly looks great for her age, unlike her oldest daughter, who looks utterly worn out. Linds was seen on the set of Glee, where she is half-assed trying desperately to resuscitate her lifeless career. On the first day of filming, she reportedly arrived late on set, not quite a la Marilyn Monroe, but more like someone who didn’t bother to get out of bed in the morning.

Lindsay was seen taking several smoking breaks during the filming, and after she had her full hair and makeup done by professionals, she actually looked more like a normal person of her own age, as apposed to the above Grinch style smoking creature. At least she is finally putting up a fight and if she does make it through the filming, this whole Glee thing will probably have her back on the right path, if she nails it on camera. That’s a big IF.