Maya Jama bares all in a tiny bikini in South Africa before a painful recoupling that will result in the rejection of NINE people

Maya Jama bares all in a tiny bikini in South Africa before a painful recoupling that will result in the rejection of NINE people

Maya Jama relaxed on a Wednesday in South Africa, where she wore a black and white bikini and basked in the sun.

While vacationing in South Africa, Maya Jama strips down to a bikini just before undergoing a traumatic recoupling that would result in the rejection of NINE people

The Love Island hostess, all of 28 years old, posted a video to Instagram Story of herself dancing and singing in the plunging, patterned swimsuit.

To keep from overheating, she pulled her long, dark hair up into a high ponytail that swept past her shoulders, leaving only her fringe free to frame her face.

(Source: Instagram/@Maya Jama)

Maya, who wore headphones throughout the videos, showed off her stunning appearance while jamming out to music.

Writes, “Tired but tanned,” the ITV host admitted to feeling.

It comes after reports that Love Island had eliminated nine candidates in the wake of the show’s most recent recoupling.

Reportedly, a large number of islanders were kicked off the island after the females returned from Casa Amor due to widespread adultery.

After some time apart, the candidates came together, and Maya was apparently there for the shocking eliminations.

“Reuniting the two villas was explosive – the recoupling will be a real shock,” an insider told The Sun.

“The tension was off the scale – viewers will be really surprised as to who choses who. It’s an unmissable episode.”
The previous record for the largest single round of participant eliminations was six.

Even farmer Will Young felt bad about kissing Layla Al-Momani, the new girl at Casa Amor, on Tuesday night.

Layla’s cheeks were so red from flushing after the farmer questioned her about her strong libido that she couldn’t bear to look at him during their awkward chat on the couch.

When Casey walked by later that night, he heard the two sharing a passionate kiss and exclaimed, “he’s being a naughty  boy!”

Will, who is currently dating Jessie Wynter, felt badly about the exchange and later admitted that it had “made him appreciate” how much he liked the Australian.

A little later that night, he revealed to the boys in the bedroom, “I feel like a bit of a dog.”

“This has kind of made me realise how much I like Jessie.”

‘I really f****d up,’ he said.

Equally unimpressed by Will’s behavior were his fanbase.

In real time, when the program played, one viewer tweeted, “Why Will WHY?”

Someone else chimed in, ” he initiated it too – not her??? Will is such a player.”

‘Will really just said goodbye to winning! I can’t believe this.’

Fans of Love Island were reportedly left “heartbroken” after witnessing Will’s crazy flirting with bombshell Layla Al-Momani and subsequent hot kiss.

After the boys won the Raunchy Race challenge, they quickly secured a party, and Will’s loyalty to Jessie quickly faded.

Layla had stated to Will, “I think you bring more to her than she brings to you,” in reference to his relationship with Jessie, who was longing for him back in Casa Amor. “You could turn my head maybe,” Will said.

To which Layla, age 28, said, ‘You’re making me shy now’, before Layla, 28, asked: ‘Shall I call you Daddy tonight?’ 

Will sarcastically remarked, “I’m a really kinky boy,” before dropping the bombshell that he enjoys sexually exploring himself through the use of various devices and toys.

He first probed, “Do you have a high sex drive?” before remarking, “There’s a lot of sexual tension isn’t there?”

While this was going on, Jessie and Frankie were having a conversation in Casa Amor regarding Jessie’s mental state.

She reassured him that she didn’t have any cause to mistrust him and that she’d be interested in talking to the new male bombshells, but that nobody could ever compare to Will.

Fans at home were really underwhelmed by Will’s flirting talk, citing it as an unexpected plot twist since they assumed he would have avoided it out of loyalty to Jessie.

Both ‘Forget Jessie, I feel heartbroken by Will’ and  “Will turned PLAYER overnight damn Casa did this to him.”

Another user said, ‘This side of Will is making me cringe even more than normal – I just want goofy Will back’ wrote another.

Another supporter weighed in, saying, ‘Will’s gonna regret everything that’s going to happen to him’, typed another fan.’ 

‘That was whole different Will!! Smooth chat’, added another. 

‘Ron’s gonna be the loyal one and Will is gonna break Jessie’s this is some weird plot twist that I don’t like.’ 

During the episode, Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda, the new boy at Casa Amor, shared a passionate kiss.

Olivia and Kai Fagan, 24, were a couple in the main villa until the girls left for Casa Amor on Sunday, at which point Olivia and Kai were separated.

Things have obviously escalated now, as Olivia’s attention appears to have been diverted.

Olivia and Kai shared a heated kiss in the kitchen after their conversation about their relationship.

After being eliminated from contention three times in a row, Kai and Olivia had a talk in which Olivia acknowledged she had been “questioning” their relationship.

‘I have started to question things to be honest. He’s been in the bottom three three times!’ I just feel like maybe the public have seen things that I’ve not seen’.