Love Island’s Liberty Poole is proud to show off her natural body in beautiful photos | ‘My tummy has always been one of my biggest insecurities…’

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On Valentine’s Day, former Love Island star Liberty Poole shared an uplifting post about body positivity and asked her fans to “normalize imperfections on social media.”

Liberty Poole show off her natural body in an inspiring Instagram post to promote body positivity

The ex-Love Island star posted two photos of herself on Valentine’s Day, one with her all dolled up and posing, and the other with her smiling and holding her stomach.

Liberty penned an in-depth caption for the photos in which she discussed her self-esteem and encouraged her followers to “accept every part of ourselves.”

She typed: “Happy Valentines – Love your body and normalise imperfections on social media. Couldn’t think of a better day to accept every part of ourselves!”

Continuing to write, Liberty revealed her own insecurities, saying: “My tummy has always been one of my biggest insecurities it’s where I gain weight and I suffer with being very bloated at times.

“But you know what that’s normal! So we shouldn’t be made to feel like it isn’t. Growing up and still to this day sometimes I still feel the need to look picture perfect but it isn’t day to day life. We have good days, bad days and all the days in-between.”

The 23-year-old has said she used to feel the need to “lose weight to fit in” with certain fashion trends, but that she now has more self-confidence as a result of working on her eating and exercise habits.

What she wrote was as follows: “I felt like I had to lose weight to fit in with the low waist skirt and cargo fashion trend otherwise people would stare at my tummy and assume I was pregnant or comment on it. And you know what I went out in low waist the other day and didn’t care !!”

“Everyday I choose me over anyone so I owe it to myself to love every part of me to posed and unposed. If I can do it YOU can too . Love you all Lib,”

Many people flocked to the web to express their admiration for the reality TV star: “You are beautiful libs and you’re such an inspiration for everyone else who feels insecure about their bodies ,we’re all beautiful no matter what shape or size,”

As a second voice added: “This is such a strong message to young impressionable girls. I wish more media personalities were like that. The most important love is loving yourself.”