Lindsay Lohan Wears Horrible Full Leather Outfit at JFK Airport


Lindsay Lohan was seen at JFK airport in New York City where she was on her way to catch a flight back to Los Angeles as she made her way home for a court appearance that she tried to wriggle out of by claiming she was sick. The troubled actress donned a particularly bizarre outfit for the journey – she wore a black leather biker jacket with brown furry sleeves which she teamed with oddly coordinating baggy leather trousers, black ankle boots and a large black leather tote. Completing the weirdness with a floppy brown hat which she tried to use as a paparazzi shield, Lindsay looked particularly weird as she rushed to catch her flight.

It’s not all bad. The jacket is a nice, fashionable piece that could have looked very cool if she’d styled it right. It goes without saying that she should have ditched those leather trousers. Even simple skinny jeans would have looked much better and were probably the right finishing touch in this instance. If she had worn normal pants, she might have been on track to actually creating a good outfit for once. Instead it looks like she really hates cows. Lindsay needs to hire a good manager to get her a role that doesn’t involve her costarring with porn stars making their real acting debuts and also a good stylist who understands that a lumpy leather outfit isn’t the high point of cool right now. Alas, she’s destined to continue on her self-desctructive path of bad roles, bad outfits and bad life choices forever. It’s not being judgmental, it’s just the truth!