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Last Epoch patch 0.9 class tier list

Last Epoch patch 0.9 tier list

Need help choosing a class for Last Epoch patch 0.9? You’re in luck! Our Last Epoch patch 0.9 class tier list details the best masteries to play solo or in the new multiplayer mode.

Last Epoch class tier list for patch 0.9

Tiers Classes
S Druid, Paladin, Lich
A Marksman, Sorcerer, Bladedancer, Necromancer
B Beastmaster, Spellblade, Void Knight
C Forge Guard
D Shaman

To begin, we’d like to note that we won’t go into too much detail about Shaman because it’s in its own tier and is currently in a pretty bad state.

S tier

Druid, Lich, and Paladin are the first three classes in the S tier. The Druid playstyle can be extremely tanky while also dealing a lot of damage. This patch’s buffs have elevated it to the top Primalist mastery.

Last Epoch patch 0.9 tier list 1

Lich is a class designed to be a jack of all trades. It doesn’t really specialize, but it excels at everything. Its skills have also been improved in this patch, allowing for a wider range of builds.

Paladin is a class in the S tier for several reasons. It has access to some extremely powerful damage builds, as well as two extremely effective defensive tools, Sigils of Hope and Holy Aura.

A tier

This tier contains four mastery classes. Marksman has access to some fantastic builds, including Icicle Bow Mage and Hall of Arrows, but it’s all pretty glass cannon. It can use Shurikens to gain some armor and dodge, but it’s quite squishy.

Last Epoch patch 0.9 tier list 2

Sorcerer is a class that has seen many builds pushed to the ground. Flame Ward is a very strong defensive skill, but it is only carried by one build, Static Orb and Lightning Blast. Fortunately, that build is excellent, placing it in the A tier.

Necromancer is a class that is held together by two builds: Flame Wraiths and Bone Golem. The playstyle is a little wonky with melee minions, but this class has strong defensive abilities, specifically Vessel of Strife.

Bladedancer was once one of the most powerful masteries, but it has been significantly nerfed. Fortunately, it still has a very good build in Lethal Mirage. It also has fantastic defenses. It has access to a plethora of defensive options, making it an extremely safe build to play.

B tier

The Beastmaster is an excellent single-target damage dealer. Unfortunately, it does not clear monoliths well and does not have many defensive options.

Void Knight possesses some of the most bizarre abilities in the game. It can also have a large health pool. It’s only in the B tier because it’s difficult for new players to build effectively; otherwise, it’d be in the A tier.

Spellblade is yet another extremely powerful class, with access to incredible clear and single target damage. It also has access to some great defensive options with Vessel of Strife, but getting to that sweet spot will require a significant investment.

C Tier

Forge Guard is our only C Tier class. It does have some strong minion options as well as strong melee skill options. However, the skill tree does not provide a clear direction for mastery. 

This concludes our Last Epoch patch 0.9 tier list.