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Crasher: Nirvana character class tier list (March 2023)

Crasher: Nirvana tier list

Get ready to dominate the world of Crasher: Nirvana with our comprehensive tier list ranking the best character classes for March 2023.

Crasher: Nirvana character class tier list

Each class approaches the game differently; there are archers, wizards, and swordsmen. To make things even simpler, we’ll categorize the characters as Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B)

Tiers Classes
Strong (S) Monkey King, Fighter, Gumiho
Good (A) Swordsmen, Archer
Average (B) Saint, Ksiti

Best meta classes for March 2023

S-Tier – Monkey King

Out of all the characters on the list, Monkey King provides the most balanced gameplay. The character moves quickly, deals a lot of damage per strike, and attacks at a high rate. The character can avoid heavy attacks from enemies while still having a say in the battle. The combination of highly damaging attacks and a fast-paced attack is a lethal combination for the players to have in the game.

A-Tier – Swordsmen

Swordsmen is the game’s regular brawler. The character has medium-range damage attacks and can be used by players who enjoy some melee action. The disadvantage of swordsmen is that they must be close to the enemy in order to make the most of their attacks.

B-Tier – Ksiti

Ksiti is the game’s mage warrior class. The character deals decent damage per strike but lacks attack speed, resulting in an extremely low total damage dealt. Ksiti’s powerups are also difficult to use. However, as a Mage, Ksiti provides decent ranged combinations in the combat system, which does not expose the character to many of the enemies’ attacks.

We hope that this Crasher: Nirvana character tier list has assisted you in deciding which character to play.

Crasher: Nirvana is available on App Store & Google Play.