LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for February 17 2023

LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for February 5 2023

What is the LA Times Crossword  game ?

The LA Times Daily Crossword is a very classic crossword style with increasing difficulty each day as the week progresses. Players generally seem to find Saturday to be the hardest day, with Monday being the easiest. What’s even better is that it’s completely free and you don’t need to be a LA Times subscriber to play.

LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for February 17 2023

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the LA Times crossword puzzle for February 17, 2023

Clue Answer
Metric unit GRAM
Some workplace discrimination: Var. AGISM
Icy street risk SKID
Brooklyn Nine-Nine detective Diaz ROSA
Good-natured teasing BANTER
Pre-stereo MONO
*Childrens apparel company OSHKOSHGOSH
Swivel around SLUE
Avenue thats the eastern border of Midway Airport CICERO
Basilica recesses APSES
Consumed ATE
Bewitches ENAMORS
*Candy with a bee on its wrapper BITHONEY
Russo of Thor RENE
Shampoo ad buzzword BODY
Campus security? TENURE
QB stats TDS
Sunday seating PEWS
Dealers inventory AUTOS
Ones fated to fail or what the answers to the starred clues are initially? BORNLOSERS
Like some diets VEGAN
Barrels into RAMS
Half of cuatro DOS
Roma locale ITALIA
Remain undecided PEND
Landlords income RENT
*Superstore for new parents BABIESUS
Herbal drink SAGETEA
Math functions SINES
File menu option SAVEAS
Cest la vie ALAS
*Snack brand with Buttery Toffee and Almond Supreme flavors CRUNCHMUNCH
Jamboree shelter TENT
Put under SEDATE
French 101 verb AVOIR
Voiced ORAL
Jumps up and down to music POGOS
Origin SEED
  • DOWN
Clue Answer
Grub hub? GROCERY
Prepared for use as a violin bow ROSINED
Depth charges in navy slang ASHCANS
Defiant response MAKEME
This is a disaster! GAH
Young Frankenstein role INGA
2022 World Cup Golden Ball winner Lionel MESSI
Texting letters SMS
Caffeine source for some soft drinks KOLANUT
Prenatal FETAL
Makeup trend that imparts an innocent look DOEEYES
Country Again Grammy nominee Thomas RHETT
Spanish gold ORO
Shrub cutters SHEARS
Scattered as seeds SOWN
Heavy load ONUS
ISP option DSL
Stable figures PONIES
Island east of Java BALI
Redstone in Minecraft e.g. ORE
-serif SANS
Punctuation marks that set off a series within a phrase EMDASHES
Singers wavering tone VIBRATO
Entity with net income? ETAILER
Cold War warmup DETENTE
Plot size perhaps ONEACRE
#LiveUplifted sneakers brand ASICS
Not genuine PSEUDO
Some Broadway fare REVUES
General Assembly figure for short UNREP
Whale group GAM
Hitch SNAG
Mo. city whose MLS team will play its first game in 2023 STL
Exec at a gaming startup e.g. CTO

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