LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for February 1 2023

LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for January 15 2023

What is the LA Times Crossword  game ?

The LA Times Daily Crossword is a very classic crossword style with increasing difficulty each day as the week progresses. Players generally seem to find Saturday to be the hardest day, with Monday being the easiest. What’s even better is that it’s completely free and you don’t need to be a LA Times subscriber to play.

LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for February 1 2023

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the LA Times crossword puzzle for February 1, 2023


Clue Answer
Unexpected obstacle SNAG
Pronto! letters ASAP
Suffers after a Pure Barre class say ACHES
Top ice cream HALO
Four Corners state UTAH
If only! IHOPE
Will do! ONIT
Emperor after Claudius NERO
touch MAGIC
Forgettable band with a memorable song ONEHITWONDER
Jazz pianist McCoy TYNER
Unnecessary NEEDLESS
Pie crust fat LARD
Ace a presentation NAILIT
Pipe down! SHH
Lingerie selection TEDDY
Musical ability EAR
Old PC platform MSDOS
Snaky fish EEL
Shopping cart fillers ITEMS
Spot for spare change COINPURSE
Cooks Illustrated offering RECIPE
Lake bird with a wild laugh LOON
Sothebys auctions e.g. ARTSALES
Fragrance SCENT
Element of irony and what can be found in each set of circled letters? TWISTEDHUMOR
Like 18-Across ROMAN
Goalies success SAVE
Per-hour amount RATE
Not sleeping AWAKE
Divas big moment ARIA
Simpson daughter voiced by Yeardley Smith LISA
Came to a close ENDED
Shout CRY
Opening for a hotel key card SLOT


Clue Answer
Ask me anything! SHOOT
Mary Poppins for one NANNY
Out of this world? ALIEN
Went to a tutoring session say GOTHELP
Many a godmother AUNT
Fret (over) AGONIZE
Judge who hit 62 home runs in 2022 AARON
Galaxy for one PHONE
Set ones sights on AIMEDAT
All the Birds in the Sky Nebula winner __ Jane Anders CHARLIE
Monopolize HOG
Prefix with dermis EPI
Triple __: orange-flavored liqueur SEC
Baghdads country IRAQ
Room that may have a sectional sofa DEN
Respected leader ELDER
Cucumber salad coconut rice etc. SIDES
Panache ELAN
Bacardi liquor RUM
Blu-ray buy DISC
Knightley of Bend It Like Beckham KEIRA
Peter Peter pumpkin __ … EATER
Old name of Tokyo EDO
Work hard TOIL
-cone SNO
Brought about as a movement SPAWNED
Like a red-carpet event POSH
Opens as a fern frond UNCURLS
Former quarterback Manning ELI
Writing contest entry maybe ESSAY
Untrue! NOTSO
Malicious EVIL
Hand out cards DEAL
Insecure star Issa RAE
Woolfs A Room of Ones OWN
Fit to be tied MAD

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