LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for January 24 2023

LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for January 15 2023

What is the LA Times Crossword  game ?

The LA Times Daily Crossword is a very classic crossword style with increasing difficulty each day as the week progresses. Players generally seem to find Saturday to be the hardest day, with Monday being the easiest. What’s even better is that it’s completely free and you don’t need to be a LA Times subscriber to play.

LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for January 24 2023

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the LA Times crossword puzzle for January 24, 2023


Clue Answer
Cert. for some babysitters CPR
Golden St. region SOCAL
Summer arrival LEO
Sweet Love singer Baker ANITA
Maker of G-Shock watches CASIO
Sci-fi invaders ALIENS
*Traditional Thanksgiving entree ROASTTURKEY
Venezuelan cornmeal cake AREPA
Big Blue IBM
Certain sib SIS
*Feature of anxiety often RACINGMIND
N. Dak. neighbor MONT
Egyptian boy king TUT
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Mean monster BRUTE
Cultural no-nos TABOOS
Successful dogcatcher e.g. CAPTOR
*The order part of a Law & Order episode COURTCASE
Or even less IFTHAT
Hardly fresh OLDHAT
Alexander Hamiltons birth island NEVIS
-false test TRUE
This minute NOW
Trashy place? DUMP
*Piano lesson pages SHEETMUSIC
Words of agreement IDO
Big part of an alligator JAW
Bygone anesthetic ETHER
Enough already! or what one may do to each answer to a starred clue GIVEITAREST
How Easy Is That? cookbook writer Garten INA
Aromatic bulb ONION
Tony winner Vereen BEN
Group after boomers GENX
City considered Japans cultural capital KYOTO
Biblical craft ARK


Clue Answer
See-through CLEAR
Domesticated rodent PETRAT
Circular diamond shape ROSECUT
See-through wrap SARAN
Grammy-winning Yoko ONO
Homeland org. CIA
Sonia Sotomayor for one LATINA
Film on a pond SCUM
This means __! WAR
Invites to dinner maybe ASKSOUT
Connect with TIETO
Raw bar mollusk OYSTER
Letters on an incomplete schedule TBD
Crunchy hummus scooper PITACHIP
Backsplash binder GROUT
Wuthering Heights setting MOOR
About to happen INSTORE
Nattily dressed snack food mascot MRPEANUT
Rager BASH
Feathery accessories BOAS
Military rookie CADET
Whodunit board game CLUE
Closer to Fine duo __ Girls INDIGO
In a row? FEUDING
Lifetime channel offering TVMOVIE
Japanese electronics giant TOSHIBA
Hitting sound THWACK
Ballpark frank WIENER
Won at musical chairs SAT
I feel the same way METOO
Curmudgeon CRANK
Geologic time unit EON
Line in a childs drawing of the sun RAY
Full of feelings EMO
Quiet on the __! SET

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