LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for December 22 2022

LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for November 29 2022

What is the LA Times Crossword  game ?

The LA Times Daily Crossword is a very classic crossword style with increasing difficulty each day as the week progresses. Players generally seem to find Saturday to be the hardest day, with Monday being the easiest. What’s even better is that it’s completely free and you don’t need to be a LA Times subscriber to play.

LA Times Crossword Clues and Answers for December 22 2022

Below you will find a list of all the clues & answers within the LA Times crossword puzzle for December 22, 2022


Clue Answer
Auto industry pioneer OLDS
Couches SOFAS
Enthusiastic AVID
Christopher Robins friend POOH
Novelist Desai ANITA
Toll unit AXLE
Draped Roman garment TOGA
Cant you get someone else? MUSTI
Used Google Wallet say PAID
*Strawberrys field once SHEASTADIUM
2020 and 2022 WNBA MVP Aja WILSON
Longtime local NATIVE
Resource in Catan and Minecraft ORE
Rodeo hat STETSON
A Bobbsey twin NAN
De __: Gracias response NADA
Bank job HEIST
Pop in the mail SEND
*Listen I can explain HEARMEOUT
Mid-Mar. honoree STPAT
*Warning that could come with a Shush! EARSAREFLAPPING
Rumpus ADO
Late-March sign ARIES
Label TAG
Hedge trimmers tool which seems to have been used on the starts of the answers to the starred clues? PRUNINGSHEARS
Lose ones cool completely GOAPE
Ingest EAT
Minor interruptions BLIPS
Choir section ALTOS
Mexican Mrs. SRA
Hit just past the infield BLOOP
Isnt straight LEANS
Tater TOT
Like the ocean SALTY


Clue Answer
Withdraw with out OPT
British lav LOO
Arctic transport DOGSLED
Bravos __ of Sunset SHAHS
Kims Sex and the City role SAMANTHA
Burden ONUS
Rock in a choosing game FIST
Flour for roti ATTA
Turned down SAIDNOTO
Check carefully EXAMINE
Countrys __ Young Band ELI
Canon SLR camera EOS
Ziering of the Sharknado films IAN
Hit a walk-off homer say WON
Airport shuttle often VAN
Alway EER
Director Burton TIM
Compass pt. SSE
Cries of discovery AHAS
Quit it! STOP
Uber drivers guess ETA
Diamond authority UMP
Mermaids realm SEA
Pond youngster TADPOLE
Equitably divided PRORATA
Scathing criticism VITRIOL
Shakshouka ingredient EGG
Hindi cinema star Aishwarya __ Bachchan RAI
Actor Borgnine ERNEST
Mozarts The Marriage of FIGARO
Interview With the Vampire vampire LESTAT
Volcanic debris ASH
Versed in UPON
Urquhart Castles loch NESS
Flows back EBBS
Penne __ vodka ALLA
Gadot of Wonder Woman GAL
Undercover agent SPY

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