Kim Kardashian is Writing Her First Novel


Kim Kardashian is writing her first novel according to a new report. A source leaked that the tale will be loosely based on Kim’s own life as the story will center around three sisters (each with ‘K’ names) and there will even be a pushy mom character – yep, this sounds very closely based on reality. The story will take place in Hollywood and will follow each sister pursuing their individual dreams on the path to fame. The source commented on the book:

 ”The book’s about the tangled love lives of three sisters with a pushy mum, trying to make it big in Hollywood. The storyline centres on an up-and-coming actress Kai and her sisters- Karissa, who’s a wannabe model, and Kayleigh, who’s trying to forge a career as a singer.”

The source leaks that the story will include a juicy storyline with ”lot of cheating, lying and revenge.” They add that although Kim isn’t the most gifted writer, the story itself isn’t bad because she knows what she’s talking about and has relevant experience:

”She’s not the greatest writer but she has a very active imagination and knows the Hollywood scene inside out.”

Momager Kris is reportedly quite excited by Kim’s new book and thinks it could open up more opportunities in the future which could include the book being adapted:

 ”The plan is to have the book finished in the coming months so she can start pitching it to publishers … It could be the first of many. Kim’s even thinking it could get turned into a TV movie or a mini-series one day.”