Kelly Osbourne Skipping David Furnish’s Birthday Party for Her Own

Kelly Osbourne has to miss out on a big bash that Elton John is throwing for David Furnish’s birthday because she’s flying home to celebrate her own birthday! Kelly, who turns 28 this Saturday is sad she’s going to miss Elton’s lavish party but is glad she’ll be able to rejoin all of her family and friends for her own big day:

“I was invited to all of the festivities but unfortunately every year I have to pick between going to David’s birthday or having my own birthday. So I decided that I’m actually going to be coming home, but I can’t wait. He’s going to be mad at me but I wanna see my friends!”

Kelly can’t believe her 28th birthday has already rolled around because she feels like a 12-year-old. She is excited to hang out with some close friends on the day and is looking forward to having some traditional British food during the celebrations:

“I cannot believe that I’m turning 28 this Saturday, it’s insane. I look back at my life and I’m just like, I still feel like I’m 12! And I still act like I’m 12! I’m like a little upset that I’m not going to be there but I’m going to be with my friends (and) I can’t wait to have some yummy English food.”