Kelly Osbourne Wants Us to Know She Isn’t Fat Anymore, Can Wear Kids Clothes

Kelly Osbourne has been dropping in weight slowly over the past few years and now that she’s down to her ideal size, she’s sick of people thinking she’s still fat when she has dropped 60lbs over the years and is really a size 6 -8 UK. She emphasizes this point by claiming that she can even fit into kids clothes if she wanted to, and simply doesn’t understand why people still see her as a big girl when her weight loss is obvious:

”People have this idea that I’m large and they don’t realise I am 5ft 2in and a UK size 6-8. I go to GAP Kids for T-shirts.”

Kelly says in order to drop weight in the past she has tried fad diets but they’ve always made her feel worse. Instead she insists that there are no shortcuts to weight loss and the answer is to simply cut down on calories and to exercise frequently in order to drop the pounds:

”I’ve done all the faddy diets and none of them work. On one, I had to drink this diet shake for a week it promised I’d lose 10lbs but I just felt sick. I wish I could tell you there’s another way to lose weight, but the boring truth is you have to eat sensibly and exercise. If you want to eat cake, fine. Just don’t eat the whole cake.”