Keira Knightley on Shopping Online & Receiving Chanel Freebies


Keira Knightley has revealed that she doesn’t enjoy shopping that much. The British actress says she doesn’t often indulge but does like to shop online when she gets the chance, although she admits it can be quite addictive, which is why she also steers clear of eBay. She commented:

”The truth is that I’ve never liked shopping that much. I’ll do a bit of online shopping at Matches and Net-A-Porter, which is like crack. I’ve never bought anything on eBay because I feel like that could just start eating into everything.”

Keira has previously been the face of a Chanel fragrance and admits that receiving freebies from the Parisian label is a nice perk, although she does wish she could call up designer Karl Lagerfeld to adjust some items to her own needs. She joked:

”I do get some very good Chanel freebies. This [bag] is my particular favourite right now. It’s perfect. Actually it’s not perfect because it’s not big enough to fit a passport in. I will call Karl, and say, ‘A centimetre bigger please’. There should be a phone line, ‘Call Karl’ or at the very least, an app.”

The star also thinks that being on the worst dressed list is actually a stamp of approval and she believes that those who aren’t a hit with critics are more interesting and experimental. She says she hopes to avoid perfection in the future and doesn’t mind if people don’t like how she looks:

”I always think that all those people on those ‘red cross’ lists are the best dressed. I tell you I’m headed in that direction. I’m always telling my stylist, Don’t make me too proper,’ If it’s perfect I’m not interested. Because basically I just want to wear a mad dress and lay eggs everywhere.”