Jessica Simpson Talks Pregnancy Weight Gain, Defends Kim Kardashian


Jessica Simpson recently welcomed her second child – a son named Ace Knute – and now she’s opened up on her pregnancy. Jessica says that she gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and defends pregnant women who put on some extra pounds because she thinks it’s a part of the process and it is horrible to bully those who are carry a child. She even defends Kim Kardashian who encountered a hard time for her weight gain during her pregnancy with North West. Jessica commented:

“I will never understand why people give pregnant women such a hard time. We are creating a human life: I think we get every excuse in the world to eat a doughnut! It’s very hurtful, especially when you’re so emotional and going through all of these hormonal changes. I felt for Kim [Kardashian] — I knew exactly what she was going through.”

Speaking on her own weight gain, Jessica says her boobs grew huge:

 “I am just one of those pregnant women who gains a lot of weight. I have really big boobs. I have my curves. Even trying as hard as I did with Ace, I still gained.”

And on her future wedding plans, which she has delayed due to her two close-together pregnancies, Jessica says that they now know when it’s going to happen and are making big plans:

“We now have a where and a when. Everybody has just been so anxious for us to get married – including us. And everyone has watched our love develop throughout becoming parents. When we actually do get married, it will be that much more intimate and beautiful.”