Idle Fantasia Hero Tier List (April 2023)

Idle Fantasia Hero Tier List

If you’re having trouble deciding which heroes to team up with in Idle Fantasia, we’ve made a hero tier list for you based on how powerful each one is.

Idle Fantasia Hero Tier List (April 2023)

This tier list is divided into three tiers, including S (Strong), A (Good), and B (Average).

  • S Tier: This tier contains a powerful Hero. This is evident in the uniqueness of their skills, such as passive and active, as well as their contribution to the team. It is strongly advised to use the hero.
  • A Tier: Heroes in this tier are powerful, but not as powerful as those in tier S due to the relatively standard skills.
  • B Tier: Heroes in this tier tend to be average because their skills don’t significantly affect the team or formation during combat. But it’s still valuable to use once the hero has been upgraded.
Tier Warrior Assasin Mage Support
Strong (S) Nia, Puro, Sigurdley, Tsubasa Alice, Dante, Rengetsu Gulvig, Hera, Mira, M. Kuzunoha, Nidhogg, Siyi, Utega Aurora, Cottonwood, Dirge, Leia-Mia
Good (A) Bahamut, Bonaire, Bradley, Donley, Leviathan, Rin, Silassia Misty, Specter Chloe, Lan, Nicole Arabel, Cadley, Daisy, Epsilon, Jessica, Labis, Mirenne, Niord, Setsu, Snow Ruler, Y. Kuzunoha Ensei, Frost Star, Lorelei, Petrolia, Vel, Yuna
Average (B) Black Crow, Sasha, Shikioni, Tenjin Elvie, Liffa, Michelle,  Rudy, Sylas Ketty Averna, Granine, Pan

Best Meta Hero for Idle Fantasia (April 2023)

Assassin Class – Dante

Because of his ability to teleport to the enemy with the fewest health points, Dante is our top pick for this Assassin class. This is helpful because the enemy with the fewest health points typically acts as a support or dealer. Then he can mark his enemy, and when they are killed, his allies are restored to health.

Mage Class – Nidhogg

A hero of the Mage Class is one who can deal with area damage. Nidhogg is highly recommended due to his ability to curse for 5 seconds and damage and knock down up to three enemies at once.

Support Class – Leia-Mia

The support class is responsible for providing heals, debuffs against enemies, and various types of CC. We recommend Leia-Mia because they can heal three allies and two more if their stack reaches ten. They can also remove a debuff from an ally and increase the HP and Max HP of all their allies.

Warrior Class – Sigurdley and Tsubasa

Warrior Class is a hero who can provide crowd control, take damage from enemies, and also deal damage. He is at the front due to the nature of his attack, which is melee. First, we recommend the light faction’s Sigurdley hero.

Because of this ability, which is considered very useful in his unique skills, he can not only attack enemies but also knock them back. Nia from the Light faction is the second. This ability from Nia is essential in a team, particularly in the early game. She can taunt the target for 5 seconds (the target can only use basic attacks).

This brings us to the end of the April 2023 Idle Fantasia Hero Tier List.