Destiny 2 Season of the Wish: How to get the Wish-Keeper Exotic Bow

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Image via Bungie
destiny 2 Wish-Keeper
Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish has introduced a new Exotic Bow, the Wish-Keeper, which has captured the attention of players with its unique design and Strand capabilities. Here’s what you need to know about this powerful weapon.

Destiny 2 Season of the Wish: How to get the Wish-Keeper Exotic Bow

To acquire the Wish-Keeper Exotic, players will need to embark on the season 23 Exotic quest, which is rumored to be named “Starcrossed.” According to the Season of the Wish page, this quest is scheduled to debut on December 19. While it appears that the quest will not be shrouded in secrecy, Bungie has been known to incorporate hidden elements into their content, so players may find themselves facing unexpected challenges along the way.

Wish-Keeper’s Exotic Perks

Image via Bungie

The Wish-Keeper stands out not only for its visual allure but also for its innovative design as a Strand Exotic Bow, a first of its kind in Destiny 2. It boasts two Exotic Perks that set it apart from other weapons:

  • Snareweaver: By landing precision hits or delivering final blows, players can accumulate energy towards a Snareweaver arrow, which can be fired from the hip. Upon impact, this arrow deploys a pattern of traps that suspend nearby targets, temporarily immobilizing them.
  • Silkbound Slayer: The Wish-Keeper inflicts bonus damage on suspended targets. Additionally, players gain a temporary boost to draw time when they suspend a target using any method or deal damage to a suspended target with this weapon.

One exciting aspect of the Wish-Keeper is its craftable nature, allowing players to tailor the weapon to suit their preferred playstyle. With the ability to choose specific perks, Guardians can optimize the Wish-Keeper for a variety of scenarios, enhancing its versatility across different encounters.

Theoretically, the Wish-Keeper appears to be a formidable weapon in activities that demand substantial crowd control. However, players will need to wait until its release to assess its in-game performance.

For now, players can get hyped on what Wish-Keeper is and how it will work in Destiny 2. It looks like a powerful weapon that will be a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal.