Destiny 2 redeem codes August 2022: All free shader and emblem codes

Destiny 2 redeem codes July 2022: All free shader and emblem codes

What is the Destiny 2 redeem codes ?

You can use the latest Destiny 2 codes to unlock shaders, emblems and more .

All Free Destiny 2 Shader Codes for August 2022

JVG-VNT-GGG Support for Ukraine
T67-JXY-PH6 Stag Spirit
7MM-VPD-MHP Double Banshee
RXC-9XJ-4MH Oracle 99

All Free Destiny 2 Emblem Codes for August 2022

The following Destiny 2 emblems are available to all Guardians via a universal code. Emblems can be added to your character’s armor, as a nice little customisable item.

Future in Shadow 7LV-GTK-T7J
Sneer of the Oni 6LJ-GH7-TPA
Cryonautics RA9-XPH-6KJ
Countdown to Convergence PHV-6LF-9CP
Liminal Nadir VA7-L7H-PNC
Be True ML3-FD4-ND9
Galilean Excursion JYN-JAA-Y7D
A Classy Order YRC-C3D-YNC
Tangled Web PKH-JL6-L4R
Shadow’s Light F99-KPX-NCF
Heliotrope Warren L7T-CVV-3RD
Sequence Flourish 7D4-PKR-MD7
The Visionary XFV-KHP-N97

The following were only able to be earned during the Season of the Lost (Season 15):

  • Celestial Cartography – reach Level 20 of the Wayfinder’s Compass artifact.
  • Astral Location – reach Rank 6 in the premium Season Pass.
  • Planestrider – complete seasonal challenge “Display of Supremacy” (obtain the Vanguard ornament for the seasonal ritual weapon).
  • Midas Traction – purchase a qualifying item from the Bungie Store during Season 15.

Some emblems can be earned through alternative means, too.

  • The Levante Prize – can be earned through the Threads of Light fashion contest on social media.
  • Everyone Can Play – buy the Disability Awareness pin from the Bungie store.
  • How to redeem Destiny 2 promo codes ?

How to redeem Destiny 2 codes ?

  • Destiny 2 promo codes for can’t be redeemed in-game, so you’ll have to head to Bungie’s redemption site here.
  • Make sure your game username is correct, and then you can enter or copy and paste the code (from active list above) into the box before clicking “Redeem.”