Honkai: Star Rail Pure Fiction Youci’s Wandering Words: Best Team Comps, Buffs & Rewards

The tide has turned in Honkai: Star Rail with the arrival of Youci’s Wandering Words, a new wave-based mode! This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to conquer each stage and maximize your rewards.

Best Team Comps for Honkai: Star Rail Pure Fiction Youci’s Wandering Words

Stage 1: Pure Brute Force

Enemies here are level 55, so unleash your inner berserker! Any strong team composition will do the trick, but these two options are particularly potent:

  • Team 1: Welt/Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, Serval, Tingyun, Jing Yuan
  • Team 2: Pela, Blade/Ruan Mei, Herta, March 7th

Stage 2: Level Up and Conquer

The difficulty creeps up to level 65, so it’s time to strategize. These teams will optimize your point gains:

  • Team 1: Fu Xuan, Clara, Trailblazer (Physical), Qingque
  • Team 2: Asta, Pela, Herta, Guinaifen

Pure Fiction Honkai Star Rail

Stage 3: Where the Challenge Begins

Stage 3 demands a leveled-up crew and a knack for Shatter. Here are the ultimate Shatter-smashers:

  • Team 1: Serval, Clara, Trailblazer (Physical), Kafka/Jing Yuan
  • Team 2: Guinaifen, Asta, Herta, Pela

Stage 4: Shatter Your Way to Victory

The final showdown! Level 80 enemies demand a well-oiled Shatter machine:

  • Team 1: Herta, Trailblazer (Physical), Natasha, Ruan Mei
  • Team 2: Serval, Asta, Guinaifen, Bailu

Best Buffs

Three options await: Erupt, Excitation, and Rupture. Choose wisely!

  • Erupt: This buff stands out as the most advantageous, doubling your team’s Shatter output. Shatter is crucial for overcoming challenging stages, making this buff highly desirable.
  • Excitation: While not as impactful, Excitation provides an 80% chance for enemies to gain a stack of Shatter upon appearance. It aids in clearing weaker foes and accumulating points.
  • Rupture: Choose Rupture if you’re building your team around Ultimate damage. This buff enhances Ultimate damage by 15% each time an enemy with Shatter is defeated, stacking up to 20 times.


Each stage has a treasure trove. The more stars you earn, the rarer the loot!

  • Clear any stage:
    • 6 Traveler’s Guide
    • 3 Refined Aether
    • 6 Lost Crystal
    • 24 Lucen Afterglow
    • 30,000 Credits
  • Earn 12 stars total:
    • 720 Stellar Jades
    • 600 Jade Feathers
    • 240,000 Credits

Remember, Pure Fiction refreshes every few weeks, so stock up on Stellar Jades, Jade Feathers, and other valuable materials while you can!

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your team, embrace the Cacophony, and let your brilliance shine in Honkai Star Rail‘s Youci’s Wandering Words!