Honkai: Star Rail Aventurine: Release Date, Abilities, Eidolons & More

Get ready, Star Railers, because a new defender is on the horizon! Aventurine, a 5-star Imaginary unit specializing in shielding his allies, is set to join the fray.

Honkai: Star Rail Aventurine Release Date

While HoYoverse hasn’t officially announced Aventurine’s release date, speculation suggests he’ll arrive with version update 2.1, expected sometime in 2024. With Black Swan, Misha, and Sparkle confirmed for update 2.0, we can anticipate further news about Aventurine closer to the update’s launch.

Who is Aventurine?

Aventurine is a sophisticated and mysterious figure in the world of Honkai Star Rail. He works as an executive within the Interastral Peace Corporation’s Strategic Investment Department, and his voice can be heard after completing the “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream” main quest.

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine Release Date

He’s known to be Topaz’s co-worker, and their playful banter hints at his involvement in the upcoming Penacony storyline. More importantly, though, Aventurine is a 5-star Imaginary element character specializing in the Path of The Preservation, making him a highly sought-after addition for any team.


Aventurine excels at one thing: protecting his allies. As a character belonging to the Path of The Preservation, he possesses incredible shielding abilities, ensuring his teammates can withstand even the most devastating attacks.

Here’s a glimpse of what Aventurine brings to the table:

  • Basic Attack: Deals Imaginary damage to a single enemy, scaling with Aventurine’s DEF.
  • Skill: Provides all allies with a shield that absorbs damage based on Aventurine’s DEF. The shield has a random suit (Heart, Diamond, Club, or Spade) and lasts for several turns. Using the skill again refreshes non-Spade shields and increases their value. Each shield has a maximum damage absorption limit.
  • Ultimate: Randomly gains energy points, then deals Imaginary damage to enemies based on Aventurine’s DEF.
  • Talent: When an ally protected by Aventurine’s shield gets attacked, he accumulates energy. Spades shields generate more energy than other suits. Reaching 6 energy points refreshes all allies’ shields, increases Aventurine’s DEF, and triggers a series of follow-up attacks against random enemies. Maximum energy accumulation is 10.
  • Technique: Grants Aventurine a shield and increases his chance of being targeted by enemies in the next battle.


Leaks have shed light on Aventurine’s Eidolons, revealing hidden potential that elevates him to formidable heights. Each level unlocks unique abilities, transforming him into an even more dependable safeguard:

  • Level 1: Aventurine becomes a magnet for enemy attacks, drawing the heat away from his allies. Additionally, his ultimate skill guarantees a Spades suit, maximizing shield effectiveness for several turns.
  • Level 2: His skill strengthens the resolve of his team, boosting their debuff resistance for a significant duration.
  • Level 3: Ultimate lv +2, until lv 15; Basic Atk lv +1, until lv 10.
  • Level 4: Unleashing his basic attack triggers an additional wave of Imaginary damage based on the combined shield value of all allies, making him a potent offensive force.
  • Level 5: Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15; Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
  • Level 6: Increases Aventurine’s damage output for each shielded ally (percentage unknown).

Aventurine’s arrival is undoubtedly exciting for Honkai Star Rail players, especially those seeking a powerful and reliable shield hero. His unique skillset and potential synergy with existing characters promise to add a new layer of depth and strategic options to the game’s already engaging combat system.

Stay tuned for further updates on Aventurine and other exciting developments in the world of Honkai Star Rail!

Note: It’s important to remember that the information about Aventurine’s abilities is based on leaks and may not be entirely accurate. HoYoverse might make changes before his official release.