How to Unlock “Let Her Cook” Achievement in Honkai: Star Rail

The viral meme “Let him cook” has crossed dimensions, landing in Honkai: Star Rail as a hidden achievement with a playful twist: “Let Her Cook”. Ready to unlock this gem and hear Hanya’s delightful ramblings? Here’s the recipe:

How to Unlock “Let Her Cook” Achievement in Honkai: Star Rail

To nab this achievement, you’ll need to delve into the quirky mind of Hanya, a 4-star flame-chaser with a penchant for…well, doing absolutely nothing. By listening to all her idle voice lines, you’ll witness a hilarious monologue on the virtues of combat idleness. Turns out, doing nothing can be quite philosophical in its own way!

Idle Ways, Idle Means

There are two ways to access Hanya’s wisdom:

  • The Patient Approach: Simply add Hanya to your team and let her chill for a while. Eventually, she’ll randomly unleash her idle musings. Remember, patience is key!
  • The Direct Route: Open your Camera, click the options in the top left corner, and head to the Actions tab. Here, you can force Hanya to showcase her idles, perfect if you’re impatient or want to ensure you catch both variations of her second idle line.

Once you’ve heard Hanya’s full repertoire of idle musings, it’s time to take the stage. Head into a battle with auto-play disabled, wait for your turn, and let the philosopheress take the floor. Enjoy her extended rant as she waxes poetic about the beauty of inaction. When she finally wraps it up, finish the battle as usual, and the “Let Her Cook” achievement will be yours!

Let Her Cook Honkai Star Rail

Don’t have the fiery Hanya in your party? No worries! Ask a friend to set her as their support character, head to a boss fight, pick her as your support, and retreat before engaging. Use the Camera to access her idles and then jump into battle to trigger her final line. Easy-peasy!

“Let Her Cook” is a delightful example of Honkai: Star Rail‘s hidden achievements, adding a touch of humor and character-specific lore to the game. So, grab your headphones, crank up the volume, and prepare to be entertained by Hanya’s ode to the art of doing nothing. Just remember, while idleness may be her philosophy, a little action never hurt anyone when it comes to unlocking achievements!