Honkai: Star Rail Gears Up for Debuffs with Leaked Jiaoqiu Abilities

Following hot on the heels of Firefly, Aventurine, and Duke Inferno, another Honkai: Star Rail character has been unveiled, this time through leaks: Jiaoqiu. And this fiery fighter isn’t just bringing the heat, he’s bringing the debuffs.

Honkai: Star Rail Gears Up for Debuffs with Leaked Jiaoqiu Abilities

Here’s a sneak peek at Jiaoqiu’s scorching kit:

  • Element: Fire (Possibly Path of Nihility)
  • Basic ATK: Attacking an enemy will apply the Debuff mentioned above for a set number of turns. The Debuff has an unknown percentage chance of application. The ATK also deals Fire DMG.
  • Skill: Applies a stack of Debuff on all enemies. Focused target is afflicted with two stacks of the Debuff.
  • Ultimate: Deals single-target Fire DMG to focused target. This focused foe receives the Debuff for a set number of turns at an unknown chance. The enemy with the highest number of Debuff stacks (X) is taken as a reference, and other enemies in the field receive additional Debuffs to match the value of X. Additionally, an aura is generated that heals an ally by a set percentage of Jiaoqiu’s own ATK. Enemies take additional damage from Ultimates and receive a Debuff stack if attacked at the start of the turn. Foes joining the battle after the aura is set in place also receive a set stack of Debuffs.

Debuff Domination: A New Era in Honkai: Star Rail?

While Jiaoqiu’s exact arrival date remains shrouded in fog, the pattern emerging from these Penacony leaks is undeniable. Debuffs are taking center stage, becoming a potent weapon in the ever-evolving arsenal of Honkai: Star Rail’s tactics. Characters like Ruan Mei and Xueyi from Version 1.6 have already highlighted the potential of Weakness Break, and Jiaoqiu looks to push that strategic focus even further.

Honkai Star Rail Jiaoqiu

It’s important to remember that these leaks are based on an early beta version of the character. Jiaoqiu might undergo some fiery adjustments before finding his permanent place in the Star Rail roster. But one thing’s for certain: with Jiaoqiu, Honkai: Star Rail is preparing to turn up the heat on both enemies and the game’s strategic complexity. So lace up your boots, Star Railers, and get ready to unleash the debuff inferno!