Meet the 18 Aeons of Honkai: Star Rail

In this guide, we’ll provide a detailed list of all known Aeons, each representing unique aspects of existence and influencing the characters within the game.

Meet the 18 Aeons of Honkai: Star Rail

The 18 Aeons in Honkai Star Rail each represent a unique Path, contributing to the rich tapestry of this expansive world. Currently, only certain Paths are playable, but the lore hints at a broader spectrum of celestial entities waiting to be explored. Here is a glimpse into the characteristics of some of the known Aeons:

  • Fuli (Remembrance): A gentle soul, FuLi safeguards memories, ensuring the past never truly fades.
  • Aha (Elation): Exuberance and joy blossom under Aha’s Path, painting the universe with laughter and light.
  • Yaoshi (Abundance): Lush life and bountiful harvests paint the canvas of Yaoshi’s Path, where prosperity reigns and growth flourishes.
Honkai Star Rail Aeons
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  • Akivili (Trailblaze): The legendary explorer who carved the Star Rails, Akivili’s Path champions curiosity and ventures into the unknown.
  • Idrila (Beauty): Worshipped by the Knights of Beauty, Idrila’s Path celebrates aesthetic perfection.
  • IX (Nihility): Enigmatic and elusive, IX embodies the void, the potential for creation and destruction locked in an eternal dance of possibilities.
  • Lan (Hunt): Skill and determination dance with the thrill of competition and pursuit in Lan’s domain, where the chase becomes the reward.
  • Nanook (Destruction): A chilling blizzard embodies the inevitable force of change and decay that Nanook represents, a reminder of endings and new beginnings.
  • Xipe (Harmony): Bridges are built and differences reconciled under Xipe’s watchful eye, as harmony and unity become the guiding principles.
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  • Nous (Erudition): Seekers of truth and understanding find solace in Nous’ Path, where knowledge and wisdom illuminate the darkest corners.
  • Qlipoth (Preservation): Guardians of the past, Qlipoth’s Path preserves traditions and memories, ensuring the echoes of history resonate through time.
  • Tayzzyronth (Propagation): Life’s ever-turning wheel finds expression in Tayzzyronth’s Path, where creation and rebirth weave an endless tapestry of existence.

While our current knowledge about the Aeons is limited, the lore whispers of further revelations in upcoming content updates. As we embark on new journeys across the Star Rails, understanding these celestial beings and their intricate roles will be key to unraveling the mysteries that lie ahead. So prepare, Trailblazers, for the saga of Honkai Star Rail is only just beginning, and the Aeons hold the keys to understanding the fate of the universe itself.