Honkai: Star Rail 2.0: Release Date, Banners, Achievements, Gameplay & Story Updates

Honkai Star Rail is gearing up for its next cosmic voyage, with the enigmatic Penacony taking center stage in version 2.0. But before you board the Astral Express, let’s delve into the leaked secrets and confirmed features awaiting us:

Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 Release Date

The official release of Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6th, with the deployment following the usual maintenance schedule. For eager players in the United States, the update will go live on Monday, February 5th, at 10 pm (ET). Time zone variations mean that players around the world can expect the update at different hours:

  • East Coast US: Monday, February 5th, 10 pm (ET)
  • Central US: Monday, February 5th, 9 pm (CT)
  • West Coast US: Monday, February 5th, 7 pm (PT)
  • Australia: Tuesday, February 6th, 2 pm (AET)
  • Japan: Tuesday, February 6th, 12 pm (JST)
  • Europe: Tuesday, February 6th, 4 am (CET)
  • UK: Tuesday, February 6th, 3 am (GMT)


Image via HoYoVerse
Phase Banner
Phase 1
  • Black Swan (5-star, Wind, The Nihility)
  • Imbibitor Lunae (5-star, Imaginary, The Destruction)
  • Misha (4-star, Ice, The Destruction)
  • Reforged Remembrance
  • Brighter Than the Sun
Phase 2
  • Sparkle (5-star, Quantum, The Harmony)
  • Jing Yuan (5-Star, Lightning, The Erudition)
  • Earthly Escapade
  • Before Dawn

New Light Cones

With the introduction of new five-star characters, Honkai Star Rail 2.0 unveils a range of Light Cones to enhance gameplay:

  • Reforged Remembrance (Black Swan): A five-star Light Cone affiliated with The Nihility.
  • Earthly Escapade (Sparkle): A five-star Light Cone representing The Harmony.
  • Indelible Promise (Misha): A four-star Light Cone embodying The Destruction.

What secrets does Penacony hold?

HoYoverse has confirmed that the Astral Express Crew’s next stop will be the vibrant and festive Penacony. Here, they’ll encounter The Family, devoted followers of Xipe, the Aeon of The Harmony. Get ready for an invitation to a whirlwind of festivities alongside other factions like the Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC).

Leaked snippets also hint at Acheron’s involvement in the Penacony story, although details remain scarce. Firefly’s hidden secret is sure to be a major plot point, adding another layer of suspense to the already captivating narrative.

Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Release Date
Image via HoYoVerse

And for those curious about Penacony’s history, prepare for a surprise: leaks reveal its dark past as a prison for the universe’s most notorious criminals. This revelation promises to inject a dose of danger and intrigue into the seemingly festive atmosphere.


The Rail Unto the Stars

Achievement Description
Do you remember me? At the outset of your journey, you find yourself accompanied by someone unexpected… (Encounter Acheron in a strange dreamland.)
Trailblazer in Dreamscape You have arrived at the Incredible Land of the Dreams! (Arrive at the Golden Hour.)
Gentleness, the Name of Nocturne See how shooting stars fly across the dream sky. (Learn Firefly’s secrets at the Dream’s Edge.)
The Pursuit of Sweetness Discover the serendipitous joy in dreamscape (Escape from the shadow of “death”)
Old Friends, New Friends Embrace the warmth in the ocean of memories… (Fight Stellaron Hunter Sam.)
If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking The entire Penacony will go mad… (Witness the second murder.)

Eager for Battle

Achievement Description
Good Night Kitchen Defeat at least 2 enemies using “Kitchen Mishap” from Dreamjolt Troupe’s Beyond Overcooked in a single battle
National Sensation Switch 3 Dreamjolt Troupe’s Mr. Domescreens to the Surprise Channel consecutively in a single battle
Hazardous Waste Have 3 allies get defeated by the Lordly Trashcan
All Is Predestined Inflict at least ? stacks of Arcana on enemies when Black Swan uses her Technique “From Façade to Vérité” and enters a battle
I… I… I’m So Sorry! When Misha uses Ultimate “G—Gonna Be Late!”, freeze at least 3 enemies with a single attack
Sparkling Sparkle Gain 9 Skill Points using Sparkle’s Ultimate “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” in a single battle
Withdrawal from Sweets Rebound 1 Soda Bottle(s) thrown by Dreamjolt Troupe’s Sweet Gorilla with a Shield in a single battle
Memento Mori Defeat the Memory Zone meme “Something Unto Death” with only one character able to take action
Quiet Burning During the battle against Stellaron Hunter Sam, Sam did not use “DHGDR: Supernova Overload” when their Secondary Combustion state is dispelled
Ignite My Heart, Inflame My Flesh During the battle against Stellaron Hunter Sam, use Skill Points with the Combustion effect to reduce 1 allies’ HP to below 1%

Moment of Joy

Achievement Description
Friction, Friction Traverse the same Bubble Bridge multiple times using the Dreamwalker ability
Parallax Interact with the Dream’s Eye 4 or more times within 1 minute
Why Do Birds Fly? Interact with the bird-shaped device controlling Dream Modules #2 or more times within 1 minute
Penrose Triangle Adjust your perspective and form the Penrose Triangle at the Dream’s Edge
Tales of a Card Shark Win the special reward in Lucky Wheel by cheating
As Fragile as Crisp Cone After using the consumable Dreamy Cone, cast a skill on the wrong target.
Introduction to Psychoanalysis Synthesize any one of the following consumables: The Moment of Betrayal, Fleeting Happiness, The Moment Before Death, Bustling Ambience, The Cloud of Doubt, or Momentary Freedom.
Rules Are Made to Be Broken… Violate traffic rules and get hit by a vehicle in Penacony
Bill — Board Make a Penacony billboard get hit by a vehicle
Truth Must Circulate Like Currency Take part in 1 match(es) in Support Assist using Dr. Ratio

The Memories We Share

Achievement Description
Don’t Shake Your Soda Use the Bubble Pinball for the first time
Towards the Brighter Side Hold on to your life, even in the face of adversity
He Grew Up Under This Sunshine Perhaps… it is time to let it go
East of Eden Witness the story of a fleeting cosmic superstar
Crime and Punishment Witness the story of a “good person”
The Dance Is On Complete the Companion Mission “Masquerade Duet”
The Good Deeds a Man Has Done Witness the struggling life of a scientist
Zoologist in Fiction Dispel 1 Hound Statue(s)
Savor Emotions What does Clockwork do? (Guide the emotions of people in the Dreamscape.)
Surge of Warmth Clockwork helps people discover their true selves. (Resolve emergencies in Clockwork.)
Thumping Heart In dreams, even emotions are tangible. (Collect Emo Gears.)
I Know Your Thoughts Can you resist the temptation of counseling? (Guide the emotions of at least 1 people in the Dreamscape.)
My Favorite Car Park your car in the exclusive parking space at The Reverie
Breaking Even Make enough money through taxicab assignments.
The Number You Have Dialed Is Unavailable There are always off-limits places. (Call an unreachable number.)
Glasses in the City Matchmake crystal chalice with cheap wine
Heart of the Rock Matchmake crystal chalice with rum
The Great Champagne Matchmake crystal chalice with golden champagne
Don’t Pick Up Anything Ominous Not all urban myths are just myths. (Pick up an eerie tape.)
The Wolf of Glaux Avenue Figure out why the cash-spewer is stuck
Every Gambler Has Their Excuses Witness the ending of the legendary Ace Gambler’s story
Fallen Angel Discover the true origins of Xunsang
Rashomon So… who hit whom? (Witness the entire process of the car accident at Glaux Avenue.)
Magique Pepeshi Pepeshi? Or mimic? (Figure out the true identity of the “Pepeshi” at the hotel lobby.)
The Planet Of Festivities and Six Alfalfa Credits Which is more important? Love, or dream? (Discover the story of a family torn apart by the dreams of its members.)
Mental Health Care The environment must be protected. (Help Go-Ray recycle trash in the Dreamscape.)
The Interpretation of Dreams Peek into 7 people’s dreams through the Dreampeek Call
We Are All Friends Here Meet all the types of animated billboards
No Man’s Symphony What happens when a joyful player becomes even more joyful? (Enhance Max’s music with even more joy)
On the Path of Voracity… Consume the Cone Dancer in Vitali
Into the Rabbit Hole Listen to the mysterious whispers of various objects in the Dreamscape.
Between the Sky and You Revisit the secret place alone (Return to Firefly’s secret base after everything has concluded)
See That Ladder? You Can Climb It! Attempt to climb the ladder at the Dream’s Edge (Actually, you can’t climb it)
Gravity Waterfall Enjoy the peculiar waterfall in A Child’s Dream
Lucky Striper Accumulate enough Aideen Tokens
I’m Lovin’ This Game Discover the ultimate prize hidden in Dreamy Slots
Are There No Pepeshi? Talk to Cielo using a character shorter than her
Deja Vu Encounter the familiar “sights” in the Dreamscape (Yep, it’s the trashcans!)
Ramesrash II Challenge all the Lordly Trashcans in The Reverie, Golden Hour, A Child’s Dream, and Dream’s Edge
Rear Window Investigate all the locked rooms in the hotel
Enemy of the Pepeshi Offend every Pepeshi you encounter with precision and speed. (Try to touch the fluff ball of every Pepeshi in the Golden Hour)
The Worst Nameless Ever Show Pom-Pom a specific dream bubble
Gate to Stars Explorer or pirate? (Listen to Colleen’s story about the universe)
This Is Simply Amazing Witness a “great vision” (Collect Family members’ comments on the Dream’s Edge project)
Dream of Trustification Everything you see is MY invention! (Help Emmrich complete his plan)
Reality Sinks, Dream Drifts Humans can’t empathize with each other after all (Listen to the conversation between Larose and Forla)
The Long Goodbye May she bid farewell to her troubled past (Witness Lew Archer’s story)
Third Cone’s the Charm Consume way too many crispy cones at one time in the Golden Hour…
Oti’s Economics If everyone gets money, then no one gets money (Repeatedly trigger the cash-spewer on the streets)

Fathom the Unfathomable

Achievement Description
This Side of Paradise Activate Space Anchors 15 times in Penacony.
Penacony Dreams Open Treasures 120 times in Penacony.
“Space Walk” Complete the mission “Slaughterhouse” and uncover the truth within the hotel in the Dreamscape.
Chirp? Help 1 Origami Bird(s) return to the Great Tree.
Chirp! Chirp! Help 60 Origami Bird(s) return to the Great Tree.
Always Sync With Time Fix 15 Dream Tickers.
Whose Dream Is It? Witness the mysterious wonders in the child’s dream for the first time.
Eternal Golden Braid Use the Dream’s Eye to forge the impossible path and traverse it.
Pictorial World Earn rewards 10 times from the Dream Jigsaw.
FlyMe2theBaloon Break the special Mr. Stone balloon in the Golden Hour.
Balloon Gakuen 2 Break the special Mr. Stone balloon at the Dream’s Edge.
Balloon Impact 3rd Break the special Mr. Stone balloon in “A Child’s Dream.”
Penacony: Balloon Rail Break the special Mr. Stone balloon in The Reverie (Dreamscape)
I’m a Grown-up! Arrive at the Dreamjolt Hostelry for the first time.
All the Sad Young Men Enter the special hotel room in The Reverie (Reality) for the first time
Jack of All Trades Walk onto the Bubble Bridge using the Dreamwalker ability for the first time.
Walks with Wolves Collect the complete Hanu’s Adventure (Part 1) collection
Lie in Wait Push down objects in Hanu’s Adventure without hitting any enemies.
Escape Velocity Reached The rocket teleportation in Hanu’s Adventure lasts more than #1 seconds.
100% Alertness Survive in Hanu’s Adventure
Learning in Sleep Collect 15 readable items in Penacony


As is tradition with Honkai Star Rail updates, version 2.0 promises a host of exciting events offering free rewards to players. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the upcoming events:

  • Hanu’s Prison Break: The main event of Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 promises an immersive experience with puzzle-based mechanics. Players will engage in a prison break within a Dreamscape bubble, encountering new minigames and puzzle platformers. Notably, players can choose from four-star characters like Guinafen, Sampo, Asta, and Yukong.
Image via HoYoVerse
  • Dreamchaser Bulletin: Fight enemies to claim prizes such as Stellar Jade, EXP Books, Fuel, Relic EXP, and other materials. This limited-time event offers a set of missions with fixed rewards.
  • Dreamjolt TV: This battle event introduces mutators that alter core battle mechanics, similar to the recent Virtual Scentventure event. Stellar Jades and Tracks of Destiny are up for grabs to level up traces.
  • The Penacony Food Fest: Embark on a quest to gather raw materials and cook dishes for a delightful food event. Players can expect consumable items and Stellar Jades as rewards.
  • Gift of Odyssey: A daily check-in event that awards up to ten additional Honkai Star Rail Warps. Perfect for players returning to the game after a hiatus or as a bonus for dedicated players.
  • Gift of Stellarium: In celebration of Honkai: Star Rail 2.0, HoYoverse will be gifting players 10 free pulls, offering a chance to acquire new characters and weapons.

New Features

Calyx Bounty

New adventures demand new resources. Penacony and Xianzhou Luofu bring fresh Calyxes brimming with Ascension and Traces materials. Plus, some previously enemy-exclusive materials will be available through these Calyxes, making them easier to acquire.

Relic Revolution

Tired of tedious Relic management? Fret no more! Version 2.0 streamlines the system with a new menu for quick enhancements, discard options for unwanted Relics, and a handy filter and recommendation feature to find the perfect set for each character.

Revisit Your Journey

Relive your journey through a brand-new Overlay Crossroads system. This interactive tree structure maps out your Trailblaze Missions across the timeline and their locations, letting you revisit cherished memories and pivotal moments with ease.

Forgotten Hall & Pure Fiction Flourish

For free-to-play players, the Forgotten Hall offers a chance to snag powerful Light Cones you might have missed. The Light Cone Manifest Store will stock new treasures, giving your characters a vital edge. Meanwhile, Pure Fiction mode expands with new stages, unleashing fresh enemies, exciting bonuses, and more thrilling challenges.

Remember, this information is based on leaks and may not be entirely accurate. Stay tuned for HoYoverse’s official announcements to get the full picture of Honkai Star Rail 2.0’s explosive adventure!