GTA Online players convinced by the images of the Vice City map from GTA 6 shown on new shirt

Are these GTA 6 screenshots?

A number of new shirts added to the game feature weird-looking black and white photos that have players wondering if they’re from GTA 5 or the next entry in the franchise.

Two of the images in particular have caught the attention of gamers: a girl flipping the bird while sitting in a car, and another of a roller coaster with trees all around her.

Players have noticed that some new shirts designs added to GTA Online include black and white photography. One of them is a female character showing the middle finger in a car while the other shows a roller coaster surrounded by trees.

One Redditor claimed that these images were strange because an NPC who flips the bird in GTA Online “never uses his right arm”.

GTA online new shirts…with a familiar setting for GTA 6 mentioned by leaks? Really could be just because of summer update but looking at them closely they sure give a GTA vibe. from GTA6

In a GTAForums thread, another player claimed that the location in the photograph “doesn’t look like anywhere in LS.”


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