Genshin Impact Statue of Marble and Brass Boss Guide: Location, Drops & How to Defeat

Genshin Impact 4.6 introduces a formidable new foe: the Statue of Marble and Brass, a colossal World Boss also known as the Legatus Golem. Fear not, Travelers! This guide equips you with the knowledge to overcome this metallic menace.

Genshin Impact Statue of Marble and Brass Boss Guide


Before facing the Golem, you’ll need to unlock it. This can be achieved by completing the Shadow Over Petrichor World Quest. Alternatively, you can join a friend’s world in co-op mode if they’ve already unlocked the boss.

Once unlocked, the Legatus Golem resides within the Faded Castle area of Remuria. Accessing this region is a breeze. Remuria is part of the new Petrichor Island added in version 4.6, which automatically unlocks upon completing the Mondstadt chapter of the Archon Quests.

Statue of Marble and Brass Genshin Impact

Understanding the Statue’s Attacks

The battle commences with a devastating Geo stomp, dealing physical damage. Steer clear of the boss’s front during this opening move! Focus your attacks on its sides and back, as its offense primarily targets the front. Once you learn its melee patterns, dodging becomes more manageable.

Be mindful of the boss’s AoE attacks:

  • Fiery Shower: Escape the designated area when the Statue raises its violin-like weapon.
  • Triple Projectile Explosion: Dodge when the boss charges for this attack.

A crucial element of the fight is shattering its Geo shield. This significantly weakens the Statue, making it vulnerable. Utilize Geo Claymore users to break down the shield efficiently.

The Statue boasts slow attack recovery times. Take advantage of these windows to unleash powerful combos before it retaliates.

Strategies for Success

The Statue’s Geo shield holds the key to this battle. Employ Geo Claymore characters like Noelle or Itto to swiftly break through its defenses. Once the shield falls, unleash a relentless assault to maximize damage.

Elemental reactions are vital for destroying the resonators it deploys. These resonators not only strengthen the Statue’s attacks but also create opportunities for counter-attacks upon destruction. Consider incorporating characters with strong elemental reactions, like Fischl or Xiangling, into your team composition.


  • Mora
  • Friendship Points
  • Adventure Experience
  • Agnidus Agate and Prithiva Topaz
  • Fragment of a Golden Melody
  • Adventurer (3 stars)
  • Berserker (3-4 stars)
  • Instructor (3-4 stars)
  • Gladiator’s Finale (4-5 stars)
  • Wanderer’s Troupe (4-5 stars)

With strategic positioning, well-timed dodges, and effective elemental reactions, you’ll emerge victorious against the Statue of Marble and Brass in Genshin Impact. Remember, Travelers, teamwork makes the dream work! Consider co-oping with friends to strategize and conquer this colossal challenge together.