Genshin Impact Sigewinne: Leaked Release Date, Weapon, and Abilities

Sigewinne, the head nurse from Genshin Impact’s Fontaine, has fans buzzing with rumors of her becoming a playable Hydro character. Here’s what we know (so far).

Genshin Impact Sigewinne Release Date

Leaks point to Sigewinne’s grand entrance in Genshin Impact version 4.7, which is rumored to begin on June 5th. However, with the upcoming focus shift to the Natlan region in version 5.0, the window for her arrival seems to be closing.

This leaves two possibilities:

  • Double Trouble in Version 4.7? Version 4.7 might see the unusual introduction of two new 5-star characters, Sigewinne and the rumored Clorinde. This deviates from the usual pattern, so it’s less likely.
  • Sigewinne the 4-Star? Alternatively, Sigewinne could be a 4-star character, making her release alongside another 5-star in version 4.7 more plausible. Version 4.8 remains a possibility as well.

Leaked Kit

While specifics are scarce, leaks paint Sigewinne as a capable healer who can also function as an on-field enabler, similar to Kokomi. This dual role aligns perfectly with her background as a head nurse. Remember, these are all leaks, and HoYoverse could drastically change or even scrap these plans entirely.

Genshin Impact Sigewinne
Image via HoYoverse

Element & Weapon

One confirmed detail is Sigewinne’s element – she’ll wield the power of Hydro, as evidenced by her Hydro Vision. Leaks also suggest she’ll be a bow-wielding character, but an official confirmation from HoYoverse might be coming soon. Typically, new character reveals follow a drip-marketing schedule, so expect details about all version 4.6 additions by April 22nd.

The arrival of Sigewinne in Genshin Impact is exciting news for fans who’ve encountered her in the story. Keep your eyes peeled for official announcements from HoYoverse on April 22nd, which should reveal everything about the upcoming version 4.6 characters, potentially confirming Sigewinne’s weapon and solidifying the rumors surrounding her release date and kit.