Genshin Impact 4.6 The Knave (Arlecchino) Boss Guide – Location, Attacks, Teams & More!

Version 4.6 of Genshin Impact brings a fiery foe: The Knave, also known as the Fatui Harbinger, Arlecchino. This guide equips you with the knowledge to dominate this new Weekly Boss, including location, strategies, and team recommendations.

Genshin Impact 4.6 The Knave (Arlecchino) Boss Guide

Where to Find The Knave

The rumors whisper that The Knave resides within the ruins of Remuria, the fallen kingdom of Fontaine. The passage likely lies hidden in the Liffey Region north of Fontaine.

Challenge Requirements

Thankfully, you don’t need to complete Arlecchino’s Story Quest to face her as a Weekly Boss. As long as you’ve reached Adventure Rank 40, you can throw down with The Knave directly! Simply access the Adventurer’s Handbook, navigate to Domains, select Trounce Domains, and use the “Quick Challenge” option.

The Knave’s Attacks

Based on the combat preview, The Knave presents a two-phase battle with a diverse range of attack:

  • First Phase: Brutal, sweeping strikes from her deadly scythe.
  • Second Phase: Evasive maneuvers with homing projectiles and possible teleportation.

Genshin Impact The Knave
Detailed attack breakdowns and counter strategies will be revealed upon Version 4.6 launch.

Best Team Comps

Since The Knave seems to be resistant to Pyro, focus on alternative damage dealers. The good news is, her resistance to other elements and physical damage appears minimal, allowing for team flexibility.

Here’s why specific team roles are crucial:

  • Archery Advantage: The Knave takes to the skies, making her vulnerable to ranged attacks. DPS archers like Ganyu or Tighnari will shine.
  • Dodging Prowess: The Knave’s area-of-effect attacks demand excellent dodging skills.
  • Healing Power: Based on her playable kit, The Knave might inflict a “Bond of Life” debuff. A healer like Mona, Kokomi, or a shielder like Diona will be invaluable.

Here are two team setups to consider, but feel free to adapt based on your character roster and playstyle:

  • Team 1: Ganyu, Mona/Kokomi, Venti/Kazuha, Diona
  • Team 2: Tighnari, Yae Miko, Nahida, Kuki Shinobu/Zhongli

Don’t despair if you lack a strong archer. The Knave’s vulnerability during descent allows you to leverage your most comfortable team composition.

We hope this guide equips you for success against The Knave. Stay tuned for further updates on attack patterns and more when Genshin Impact Version 4.6 arrives! Remember, Travelers, with the right strategy and a well-built team, even the fiercest Fatui Harbinger can be brought to their knees.