How to Access to Fontaine in Genshin Impact At Low Level

New to Genshin Impact, or returning after a break? You might think you need to slog through the story to reach the latest regions. But fear not, Travelers! There’s a handy method to unlock Fontaine early in your adventure.

How to Access to Fontaine in Genshin Impact At Low Level

While progressing through the Archon Quests is the intended way to unlock regions, there’s a clever trick to access Fontaine sooner. Here’s how:

  1. Complete “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”: This is the final quest in Mondstadt’s Prologue (Act III). You’ll face Stormterror’s Lair in this epic showdown.

  2. Unlock the Teleport Waypoint: After conquering Stormterror, check your map for a hidden waypoint. It’s located west of Mondstadt, bordering Sumeru (the region below) and Fontaine. Zoom in to find it!

  1. Teleport to the Cliffside: Select the newly unlocked waypoint and prepare for adventure! You’ll appear on a cliff overlooking a vast landscape.

  2. Summon the Waverider: Head north and find the Waverider summoning point. Hop on and navigate the waters towards Fontaine.

  1. Enter Fontaine and Ascend: Upon reaching the entrance, take the elevator up. You’ll encounter a Statue of the Seven, allowing for easy teleportation back to Fontaine anytime. Bonus: You’ll gain the ability to switch your Traveler to the Hydro element!

If Sumeru is also uncharted territory for you, simply turn south instead of dropping down the cliff. Here, you’ll find a cave entrance, inviting you to explore the deserts of Sumeru.

This shortcut proves particularly valuable for new players eager to delve into the latest regions. It also benefits returning players who might have missed recent updates. By bypassing the story grind, you can access Fontaine and Sumeru for material farming or leisurely exploration at your own pace.

While this shortcut allows early access to Fontaine and Sumeru in Genshin Impact, it’s important to remember that these regions might be designed for higher-level characters encountered through the main story progression. You might face challenges if your characters aren’t strong enough.