Dynasty Legends 2 Officer Tier List 2022

Dynasty Legends 2 Officer Tier List July 2022

If you enjoy playing action games with a Chinese dynasty theme, especially if you remember playing Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Legends 2 is the game for you. In this Dynasty Legends 2 Tier List, we have categorized the officers from Dynasty Legends 2 according to their strengths to make it simpler to complete all of the current quests.

Dynasty Legends 2 Officer Tier List 2022

This tier list is divided into categories of S, A, and B.

  • S Tier: Officers in this tier are extremely powerful and have special abilities. Utilizing these officers is strongly advised because they make a significant contribution to the team.
  • A Tier: This tier contains fairly strong officers, but not as strong as tier S, due to the relatively standard skills.
  • B Tier: Officers in this tier are fairly mediocre because their skills have little impact on the team or formation during battle. However, once the character is upgraded, it is still worthwhile to use.
Tier Officers
Da Qiao,
Diaochan Sun,
Dong Zhuo,
Guan Yu,
Guo Jia,
Pang Tong,
Shang Xiang,
Zhang Jiao,
Zhao Yun
Sun Quan,
Yuan Shao,
Yuan Shu,
Xiahou Dun,
Xiao Qiao,
Xu Shu,
Zhang He
Huang Gai,
Liu Bei,
Wen Chou,
Xu Huang,
Xu Shu,
Xu You

Best Meta Officers for Dynasty Legends 2 in July 2022

Recommended Pair I

Dynasty Legends 2 Tier List Pair 1

Officer Lu Bu is our pick for Chief Officer. Due to his attributes’ extreme overpowering levels in terms of damage, control, viability, mobility, scope, and utility, Lu Bu was intrepid and unstoppable on the battlefield. When using the ultimate, Lu Bu enters a Demonic State and gains new, incredibly helpful skills like the ability to jump over enemies, control them, and deal additional damage.

We advise Xiao Qiao as a lieutenant because of her abilities to heal allies and summon creatures to attack enemies. A highly qualified Xiao Qiao officer who can support his allies.

Recommended Pair II

Dynasty Legends 2 Tier List Pair 2

We recommend officer Zhang Jiao as Chief Officer in this pair. Zhang Jiao is extremely powerful, especially against multiple enemies at once, thanks to his excellent AOE skills.

As his lieutenant, we suggest officer Yuan Shao as Zhang Jiao lieutenant because they have a bond that can unlock bonus attributes. In addition, Yuan Shao is able to add a shield to his ally’s sword so that it can absorb damage all around it.

Recommended Pair III

Dynasty Legends 2 Tier List Pair 3

Officer Pang Tong is our recommendation for Chief Officer. With his fire bazooka, Pang Tong excels at ranged attacks. He also has a damage ability and a passive ability to heal 60% of HP.

The lieutenant must be a melee officer because Pang Tong often attacks from a distance. As a lieutenant, I suggest Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo is a very capable officer when it comes to defense. The close combat will therefore be handled by Dong Zhuo if you as the chief officer attack from a distance.