Destiny 2 Guide – All 3 Irkalla Complex Apogee Repeaters listed

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Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters

Are you looking for Irkalla Complex Apogee Repeaters in Destiny 2? We’ve got you covered. This guide will show you where to find all three of them.

Destiny 2 Guide – All 3 Irkalla Complex Apogee Repeaters listed

To begin, you must load into Strider’s Gate and travel to the Irkalla Complex. Step off the platform and into Zephyr Concourse. Take a right at the map’s giant colosseum, then follow the road up until you reach turnstiles you can pass through with your Sparrow.

Just jump over them and keep going down the narrow hallway until you reach Esi Terminal. Right away, turn left and walk into the building. When you leave it and jump onto the clear awning, you will be in the Irkalla Complex.

Apogee Repeater #1

From the breach, climb the boxes and make your way to the outer wall’s wall. The Apogee repeater is perched atop a demolished gun emplacement.

Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters 1

Apogee Repeater #2

Before you go through the portal to Containment, look to the left to see some overhangs. Jump across and climb to the top of the yellow building on the right. The repeater is located on top of the active gun emplacement.

Destiny 2 Apogee Repeaters 2

Apogee Repeater #3

On the same building, across from the emplacement, you should see a pink structure with a broken crane. Under the platform, you’ll see the repeater on the edge of the support. To get to it, you need to drop down from the platform.

And these are the three Apogee Repeaters found in Destiny 2’s Irkalla Complex.

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