Christina Ricci Says She is Inspired by Her Own Emotional Childhood

Christina Ricci has revealed that she often takes emotional childhood memories as her inspiration for her own work as an actress, channeling her feelings for certain incidents that happened in the past into whatever character she’s playing, although she sometimes uses more recent experiences too. Christina says that although she had a healthy relationship with her mother, she doesn’t like to talk about her father:

”I have a good relationship with my mother and I just don’t like to talk about my father. How I was raised and the memories of certain incidents in my childhood – I bring those emotional memories to things I need to use at work. Definitely. But I also use things that happened to me as an adult in the same way.”

Christina felt that she was always different in her family (she has three other siblings) and stood out as the “black sheep” during her childhood and teenage years. She also thinks she had an unusual upbringing, but she comments that there is no such thing as an average upbringing either these days because everyone has a different life at home:

”I managed to be the black sheep of the family. I have an unconventional background but what’s average these days? We’re all interesting in our own ways.”